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IXXAT Introduces CANopen Module for CANopen Devices and Systems Diagnostics Using canAnalyser V2

September 302004
The new canAnalyser V2 can now be extended by a CANopen Module, making the canAnalyser a powerful analysis and diagnosis tool for CANopen devices and systems.

The CANopen Module is conform to the latest CANopen 4.02 specification and supports among other things the SDO block transfer protocol.

Besides the CANopen specific interpretation of received CAN messages, the CANopen Module is able to interpret and display signals transmitted via SDO and PDO in plaintext.

For PDOs, the CANopen Module uses the information provided in the device specific EDS or DCF files to determine the mapping information and to display the data. Received messages can be filtered by meaning of different criteria like Node-ID, SDO, PDO or NMT. In combination with the possibility to open several CANopen Module windows a CANopen system can be displayed and analyzed clearly arranged.

Further features are displaying of Multiplexed PDOs (in SAM and DAM mode), the interpretation of the LSS and the Flying-Master protocol as well as the possibility to convert a Vendor-ID to the corresponding company name. Besides the CANopen specific view it is possible to display the received CAN messages additionally in layer-2 mode. This feature, and the possibility to display erroneous protocols, particularly supports developers and system integrators when searching for errors.

The configuration of the CANopen Module can be done manually or by using pre-defined profile files (e.g. for 401, 402, 405, 406) or by using the EDS/DCF import functionality.

Customers using already the CANopen Module can update the new version.

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IXXAT Automation GmbH is a leading supplier of data communication systems for industrial automation and automotive applications. The main technologies in the field of industrial communication systems are solutions based on CAN (CANopen, DeviceNet), Ethernet (Ethernet PowerLink, Ethernet/IP) as well as TCP/IP with the associated Internet protocols. For automotive applications, IXXAT focuses on solutions based on CAN (diagnosis protocols, SAE J1939), FlexRay and LIN. The product range comprises interface boards, test systems, analysing tools and protocol software.

As of January 2004, IXXAT provides work for 50 employees, predominantly engineers skilled in electronic engineering and computer science and has a certified quality assurance management according to ISO9001.
Our customers are well-known companies all over the world from the industrial and automotive sectors.

IXXAT supports its customers completely in the establishment and application of communication systems based on CAN and TCP/IP, from seminars and consulting, design of system solutions, development and implementation of hardware and software to the supply of a complete product line.

For more information, please ask for our company introduction brochure and product catalog.

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