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JAI PULNIX 3-CCD Camera Offers Precise Color Rendition

April 192005
JAI PULNIX 3-CCD Camera Offers Precise Color Rendition
The analog video interface remains a mainstay in the world of machine vision cameras, and especially in the field of 3-CCD RGB technology. To serve this market, JAI offers the CV-M91, a 3-CCD RGB camera featuring the 1/3" Sony ICX408AL imager in the NTSC version and ICX409AL in the PAL version. Other features include an improved optical front end (prism and CCD) and more versatile interfacing. The CV-M91 does not perform color interpolation, relying instead on its three CCDs. The camera’s resolution is 3 times 768 x 494, giving a total of 1.3 megapixels. The prism block has also been improved for better color reproduction. The lens attachment is a standard C-mount thread for easy lens selection.

The addition of a Y/C output, complementing the already existing RGB and composite video outputs, gives a wide choice of interfacing alternatives. A composite sync input has also been added, greatly simplifying synchronization between multiple cameras.

The CV-M91 is available now. Volume pricing is available upon request. Visit www.jaipulnix.com.
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