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JAI PULNiX New High-Speed Machine Vision Camera Features Gigabit Ethernet

August 102005
JAI PULNiX New High-Speed Machine Vision Camera Features Gigabit Ethernet
JAI PULNiX’s newest dual-tap AccuPiXEL offering, the TM-6740GE machine vision camera boasts up to 200 frames per second at full resolution, and partial scan and binning modes for up to 3205 frames per second. This 1/3" VGA-format progressive scan camera is based on the state-of-the-art Kodak KAI-0340 CCD imager. The camera’s 640(H) x 480(V) resolution imager has 7.4 ìm square pixels. It also features both analog and gigabit Ethernet output that is 8-bit or 10-bit software selectable. The video is optimized by JAI PULNiX’s exclusive, patent-pending built-in look-up table, (8-bit only) which permits maximum dynamic range control. The TM-6740GE features full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/64,000 sec or pulse-width exposure control, which allows triggered image capture and processing.

The TM-6740GE’s integrated API and dual-tap AccuPiXEL GUI allow the user to be up and running in minutes. The GUI gives the user control of all camera settings and acquisition modes, including gain, A/D reference, partial scan, and binning. Changes in the camera’s acquisition modes trigger automatic updates to the API for easy image acquisition. CPU usage is only a few percent, thanks to the TCP/IP offload engine.

All of this high performance is available in a miniature 50.8 x 50.8 x 85.1 mm housing. Other features include automatic dual-channel compensation, and a built-in pattern generator. Applications for the TM-6740GE include machine vision, medical imaging, intelligent transportation systems, high-definition graphics, gauging, character recognition, robotics, and surveillance. This camera is available in a monochrome format (TM-6740GE) or with a Bayer CFA (TMC-6740GE).

About the JAI Group
JAI was established in 1963 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has subsidiaries in Japan, the US, and the UK. The JAI Group has annual sales of more than $70 million (USD) and employs 250 people worldwide. The JAI Group’s mission is to develop and distribute user-friendly tools for the professional international world market by combining electronic eyes and electronic brains into a meaningful whole.

JAI has two primary businesses: JAI Camera Solutions and JAI Systems. JAI Camera Solutions is a component supplier that designs, manufactures and markets CCD and CMOS camera solutions primarily for the ITS, medical and industrial machines vision markets. Our cameras help improve our customers’ businesses in a variety of ways, whether by improving quality and accuracy, lowering costs, increasing yields, or simply enabling better service. JAI Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized traffic systems. Our solutions are based on JAI-developed hardware and software, which is often integrated with third-party products.

Visit www.jaipulnix.com.
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