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Japanese Operator Terminal Market to grow big in 2012

Japanese Operator Terminal Market to grow big in 2012

August 22, 2012 - According to “The World Market for Operator Terminals – 2012 Edition,” from IMS Research, the Japanese operator terminal market is projected to see surprisingly high revenue growth of nearly 10 percent in 2012.  This is just five percentage points less than is forecast for 2012 Asia-Pacific revenue growth.

“Japan also has a trump card in that a lot of the electronic products that are manufactured there are internationally renowned for being of high-quality.  This is a key selling point for vendors of operator terminals and often a key decision criteria for machine builders and end users,” explains report author Harrison Bees. 

He continues, “many vertical sectors, automotive being a prime example, are also seeing a jump in sales, which will lead to increased levels of capital expenditure, although these figures are partly skewed by a low base of comparison from the previous year.  Nevertheless, the results are still encouraging for the short term and we expect to see year-on-year operator terminal revenue growth of close to 10 percent in 2012. This growth is forecast to drop to more sustainable levels as reconstruction efforts and government subsidies have less impact from 2013.”

The report estimates that 2011 Japanese operator terminal revenues grew by just three percent. The earthquake in March 2011 and subsequent tsunami were responsible for an annual GDP contraction of 0.7 percent.  Exports were dragged down by weakening demand as the global economy struggled and a strong yen made Japanese goods expensive for the rest of the world.  There were also disruptions to national power-supplies, due to the closing of nuclear plants across the country, which delayed and even halted many manufacturing operations.

Despite this, first quarter 2012 GDP growth came out at 4.1 percent, suggesting repair and reconstruction efforts are well underway. Domestic demand, encouraged by government spending, is helping to drive healthy economic growth.

Going forward in Japan, legal and fiscal reform designed to encourage spending and investment, which a strong yen has been discouraging, will be important to maintain healthy growth in the long-term.

About the report “The World Market for Operator Terminals – 2012 Edition”
IMS Research has been publishing statistics for the world operator terminal market for over 10 years.  This report is the latest three-volume edition that aims to quantify and provide executives with an up-to-date, comprehensive description of the world market.  The report identifies and discusses trends that will impact the market over the next five years.  Market segmentations are included by product type, major region, country, input method, aspect ratio, display size, touchscreen type and networking technology.  All statistics are presented as USD revenues, unit shipments and average selling prices.  2011 data was used to build up base year estimates; growth forecasts to 2016 are presented. 

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