JMP Engineering becomes Cognex Vision integrator |

JMP Engineering becomes Cognex Vision integrator

LONDON, ON, June 23, 2006 – JMP Engineering announced today that it has achieved recognition as an authorized Cognex Vision Integrator (CVI).

JMP engineers are using machine vision as a reliable tool to solve a wide array of challenges facing manufacturers today. In its simplest form, a vision system can be used to positively identify a product or differentiate between two or more similar products. In more advanced applications, vision systems can be the basis of flexible and re-programmable Poke Yoke systems that check the presence and/or dimensions of components, features, and holes in products. Finally, machine vision can be employed in conjunction with robotic systems to solve even more advance manufacturing challenges such as picking parts out of a jumbled bin or retrieving components from a non-fixtured conveyance system.

“With higher demands for fewer defects, increased traceability and total flexibility, machine vision is a powerful tool to help solve many challenging problems in today’s manufacturing environment,” said Scott Shawyer, JMP President and Chief Executive Officer. “JMP is a leader in automation and information systems so it was important to us that we partner with Cognex, the world leader in vision technology.”

About JMP Engineering
JMP Engineering is a leading industrial system integration company that specializes in the engineering and provision of automation, control and information solutions that leverage current technology to enhance manufacturing performance for clients in a variety of industries including Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental. The company has forged strong, long-term relationships with both clients and partners by living the promise: “We always do what we say we’ll do. Every time. All the time.” JMP has its head office in London, Ontario and branch offices in Vaughan, Burlington, Cambridge, and Windsor, Ontario, and Livonia, Michigan. The company is privately owned.

About Cognex
Cognex Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets machine vision sensors and systems, or devices that can "see." Cognex vision sensors are used in factories around the world to automate the manufacture of a wide range of items and to assure their quality. Cognex is the world's leader in the machine vision industry, having shipped more than 300,000 machine vision systems, representing over $1.9 billion in cumulative revenue, since the company's founding in 1981. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, Cognex also has regional offices and distributors located throughout North America, Japan, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
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