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Junot Systems and Marathon Technologies Announce Alliance

December 132005
Houston, December 13, 2005 - Junot Systems, Inc., a specialist provider of embedded enterprise application integration solutions, and Marathon Technologies Corporation, the leading developer and supplier of fault- and disaster-tolerant solutions for industry standard Microsoft Windows environments, announced today that it has signed a software alliance agreement. This agreement will enable Junot’s customers to purchase a fully integrated, supported solution that combines Junot’s patented and SAP Certified NLINK® software, which provides comprehensive and cost-effective SAP integration solutions, with Marathon FTvirtual Server™ software, which provides simple, affordable, continuous uptime for any Windows application.

“We are very pleased to announce this agreement with Junot Systems," said Gary R. Phillips, President and CEO of Marathon Technologies. "Junot Systems’ customers can be assured that our two companies will work together to provide a best in class high availability solution for those situations that demand uninterrupted SAP integration to the plant floor."

“Junot Systems is committed to providing its customers and resellers with the highest quality SAP integration platform available to the plant floor automation market,” said Peter Slater, President and CEO of Junot Systems. “By combining the already robust architecture of the NLINK product suite with the continuous uptime provided by Marathon FTvirtual Server, we can now offer those customers that require continuous uptime a simple, supported and affordable solution using off-the-shelf hardware.”

Using their patented NLINK technology, Junot Systems, Inc. has developed a series of affordable, shrink-wrapped SAP integration solutions that allow customers to connect their business applications faster, with reduced risk and at a lower delivered cost than would otherwise be possible. Fast to implement and easy to change, NLINK’s reliable, scalable, flexible and manageable integration solution sets enable software companies and systems integrators to increase market share, open new markets and improve margins.

About Junot Systems:
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Junot Systems, Inc. has deployed and supported its NLINK product suite since 1997 in a variety of vertical markets, both in the US and overseas. Junot’s integration specialists developed the patented NLINK product to significantly reduce the time and expense of integrating complex business applications. For more information, please visit the Junot Systems web site at www.junotsystems.com.

About Marathon Technologies:
Marathon Technologies Corporation (www.marathontechnologies.com) is the leading provider of software that delivers simple, cost-effective, continuous uptime for Windows applications. Marathon FTvirtual Server software unites two unmodified industry-standard servers into a >99.999% available configuration that appears to applications, networks, OS, and system administrators as a single fault tolerant server. Marathon software keeps applications running nonstop through failures and disasters with no failover or interruption in service, no data loss, and no need for transaction rollback. Marathon is a privately held, venture-backed corporation based in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, with offices worldwide. For more information call +1-978-489-1100 or 1-888-682-1142.
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