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Kazio Networks to sell Network Vision's IntraVUE

December 14, 2009 – Kazio Networks will provide sales and onsite/remote support for Network Vision products. This includes the IntraVUE network monitoring/ visualization software, the IntraVUE Scanner Agent and AutoIP.

The IntraVUE network visualization software is a server based software that continuously monitors and visualizes/maps multiple subnets, VLANs or IP address ranges. IntraVUE is focused on diagnostics monitoring when connecting with PLCs, Drivers, I/O, Cameras, and SCADA systems to Ethernet. It is meant for non-IT personnel to locate faults, insure proper installation and operation of Industrial Ethernet devices with preventive maintenance. The software comes in Lite, Enterprise and Supervisory versions. The Supervisory version is a server based multi client software that monitors devices in a multi scanner architecture. The Enterprise version allows monitoring on multiple VLANs and the Lite version is meant for single LAN implementations. All versions have a wired/ wireless scanning engine, relational database, navigational viewer, event capture capability and alarm mechanisms.

The new Intravue Scanner Agent is a network module that is capable of scanning remote networks which may not have router access, or multiple networks which utilize common IP addressing such as I/O and OEM Systems. Used in conjunction with IntraVUE Supervisory or Enterprise editions, it performs local scanning of isolated networks and links to the IntraVUE host computer.

Auto-IP is a fixed IP server that automatically recovers and assigns IPs to designated industrial devices. It helps reduce and eliminate the process of identifying IP addresses and manually adding it in the replacement unit and erroneous IP configurations.

Kazio Networks’ onsite and remote support adds to the capability of the IntraVUE software with periodic online/ offline analysis, network maintenance, asset management/ documentation, disaster recovery, validation and architecture archival.

About Kazio Networks
Kazio Networks provides turnkey Industrial Ethernet network services and solutions; offering full wired/ wireless design, implementation, analysis and support services for discrete and process manufacturing networks. Past project experience includes assisting the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food and beverage, wastewater, aerospace, automotive, metal/steel, power and energy sectors.
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