KME Launches 12 Inch CRT Monitor Replacement in LCD Form |

KME Launches 12 Inch CRT Monitor Replacement in LCD Form

July 252005
KME Launches 12 Inch CRT Monitor Replacement in LCD Form
12" Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) were once the most popular size of colour CRT on the market and were used in a variety of Industrial and Military applications. Their non-availability now poses serious problems for some sectors where equipment (e.g. machine tools) must be kept in service for several more years.

KME has used its TFT LCD expertise to design a Universal Replacement 12.1" TFT Chassis monitor to fit in place of the existing CRT chassis. Flexibility is the keynote, not only in terms of the simplified mechanical design but also in the ability of the TFT monitor to handle Low Resolution (Slow Scan) Legacy signals such as CGA, Hercules & EGA.

The simple metal chassis is designed to fit comfortably within the existing 12" CRT space envelope. The base plate is drilled with holes and slots to pick up the original CRT chassis fixing positions. The TFT can be fixed to a tilt position between 0 & 30 degrees. As an eco-friendly design input the whole assembly packs flat after test and burn-in at KME, to save packing volume and shipping costs. It is easily reassembled at its final destination.

This 12.1" “UN Series” monitor is the first in a family of LCD-for-CRT Replacement
Chassis Monitors that KME will export worldwide.

KME was formed 25 years ago to make CRT monitors. Larger sizes of CRT are still
in production but markets are changing rapidly to high resolution Flat-panel LCD monitors. KME has a wide range of modern displays to meet this demand. However high resolution TFT monitors are not able to display Legacy signals that were presented to old CRT monitors designed specifically for them. KME has invested heavily in R&D to develop a range of LCD monitors that are specifically designed to interface with any Legacy signal and give full-screen, crisp, bright displays, whatever the resolution.

KME LCD monitors are manufactured at their facility at Rochester, Kent. Full details of all products may be found on the company Web site at
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