Korenix Launches JetNet 3500 Series Industrial Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch

July 272005
Korenix Technology, the professional manufacturer of top-notch products for industrial automation, has announced to launch JetNet 3500 Series Industrial Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch. JetNet 3500 Series is 5-/8-port unmanaged Ethernet switch with plug-n-play Super Ring function and relay output alarm for port break and power failure. Specially designed for industrial applications in harsh environments, JetNet 3500 Series is also equipped with dual power inputs, which complete JetNet 3500 Series with both network and power redundancy.

JetNet 3500 Series comes with 2 models:
  • JetNet 3505 Industrial 5-port Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch
  • JetNet 3508 Industrial 8-port Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch

    JetNet 3500 Series is equipped with Super Ring technology. Industrial applications often require data communications to be intact all the time. Data loss of any kind might cause a great deal of damage in terms of time and money. JetNet 3500 Series’ Super Ring technology equips your system with network redundancy. Normally, the backup path in this ring topology network is blocked. But once any segment of the primary path is broken or disconnected, Super Ring technology allows the backup path to be activated, making sure that data transmission over the entire network will not be interrupted. With fast recovery time less than 300 ms, you can be assured that your system can run non-stop. Relay output alarm for port break and power failure helps you even further with monitoring each port’s status. Without relay output alarm, you might not be aware of the system errors until it’s too late. Since JetNet 3500 is equipped with relay output alarm, once port break or power failure occurs, administrators would be notified of the emergency situations, and react promptly to system errors, preventing great loss caused by not able to locate problems as soon as they occur. The dual power inputs provide you with power redundancy, giving you extra assurance for the integrity of the entire system and network.

    To cope with harsh industrial environments, JetNet 3500 Series comes with robust one piece-formed aluminum case, which complies with IP30 standard. We also place the terminal block and ventilation holes on the bottom side of each unit to reduce the chance of damage due to dust and moisture ingress.

    About Korenix Technology
    Korenix Technology is committed in design and manufacturing industrial communications products, which can be used in various markets that requires high stability or for industrial field environments, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military, and medical fields.

    Korenix has 4 major product lines: JetNet Series Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch, JetCon Series Industrial Serial/Ethernet/Fiber Media Converter, JetCard Series Multiport Serial Card, and JetPort Series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 Device Server. Korenix is committed to provide quality products to our customers. Various safety approvals, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cUL, are applied to all Korenix products. All Korenix products have 5 years global warranty through worldwide service centers.

    For customers’ specific application requirements, Korenix also provide tailor-made services. Korenix listens to customers’ voices, designs professional products, and provides comprehensive services to make Korenix a reliable partner for global users.

    For more information visit www.korenix.com/.
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