MacroView acquired by Sentient |

MacroView acquired by Sentient

October 16, 2008 - Sentient Computing is the now the sole owner of MacroView, a well established SCADA/HMI product originally developed in WA in the early 1990s.

Sentient has been developing, selling and supporting MacroView under license for the past eight years. On the 3rd October 2008 Sentient purchased full ownership and rights to MacroView.

“This acquisition is very exciting and is the start of a new era for MacroView,” said Sentient’s Managing Director, Doug Bester.

MacroView is a SCADA/HMI system that has a loyal client following and has been in the Australian market for the last 20 years. Due to its longevity, the system is used in many industry sectors across Australia, South East Asia and USA including mining, oil & gas, pipelines power, transport, environmental and manufacturing.

As one of the original team that developed the product Mr Bester has a strong understanding of MacroView’s capabilities and the requirements of its customer base.

“In early 2000, I saw an opportunity to do something more with MacroView,” said Mr Bester. “The owners of MacroView had changed business focus and were moving in a different direction. We believe MacroView is a great SCADA product with a strong customer base and both the product and its customers were being neglected. It is wonderful that we now have full control of the MacroView product.”

Sentient has added new modules and add-on products that have had a positive impact on the current MacroView user base. Apolon Ivankovic, who wrote the original MacroView code, is still in charge of technical development. For the past eight years, he has been working with Sentient Computing to ensure that MacroView users get the support required and that the product evolves using the latest technology. Planned future versions of MacroView will use Silverlight, Microsoft’s latest technology for rich internet application deployment to enable features such as animation, visually enhanced vector graphics and embedded audio-video playback.

“Sentient is a compact, agile company that differentiates itself from the larger international companies, by being responsive, attentive and focused on delivering quality automation software, support and services to our customers. Subsequently as we manage the development of MacroView Version 4.0, we are working with our customers to make sure they will get maximum ROI from the new release.”

The largest single MacroView installation is at Wesfarmers CSBP with more that 180,000 I/O across 6 sites. CSBP is a major chemical and fertilizer manufacturer in WA and uses MacroView as a supervisory and control system for its manufacturing, power distribution and product loading. Macroview is also used as the historian for all of its Distributed Control Systems. CSBP has been a strong supporter of MacroView since 1993.

Other notable Australia MacroView users include in Bluescope Steel, Golden Circle, Public Transport Authority (WA), Queensland Transport, Iluka Resources, Xstrata, Coogee Chemicals, Railcorp NSW and Rio Tinto.
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