MACSEA Announces Automated Equipment Health Monitoring Software |

MACSEA Announces Automated Equipment Health Monitoring Software

November 172005
Stonington, CT, November 17th, 2005 – MACSEA Ltd, a global provider of diagnostic and predictive CBM software, has just announced the 2006 pricing schedule for its flagship DEXTERTM Diagnostic and Predictive software, targeted to Health Monitoring of Industrial Equipment for the manufacturing industry.

Two options are available– either a straight purchase or a two-year leasing option. DEXTER will now sell for $24,995 for an Enterprise License, including 10 client seats. A remote capability, allowing for distributed access anywhere in the world, can also be added for an additional $2,995.

DEXTER is designed to automate the monitoring, analysis and diagnoses of equipment health in industrial environments and is an integral part of any condition-based maintenance program (CBM). With maintenance costs for many manufacturing plants running at up to 50% of production costs, implementing DEXTER in support of predictive maintenance practices has a very measurable impact on the bottom line. DEXTER is a proven, off-the-shelf technology that has been used worldwide to reduce production costs, increase efficiencies, and assure equipment uptime.

“Automated software for monitoring, diagnosing and predicting equipment health across a plant can be prohibitively expensive”, states MACSEA’s VP of Marketing. “DEXTER now brings to the marketplace an industry-proven and cost effective entry into Condition Based Maintenance. At less than $2500 per seat, payback from reduced downtime and maintenance cost can be extremely short, depending on the customer’s application. Our leasing option can reduce the payback period even further.”

DEXTER is significantly lower priced than other software solutions. This now makes CBM a viable option for companies who already understand the financial and practical sense behind such maintenance practices but had been frightened by the high costs. The inexpensive nature of DEXTER, however, is certainly not reflected in its powerful functionality. Its highly sophisticated, neural network diagnostic and predictive capabilities have proven to be a true breakthrough in equipment health monitoring. DEXTER was one of the first products with neural network diagnostics that could be customized by the user in the field without complicated or lengthy procedures.

DEXTER’s connects easily to existing control systems and sensors for rapid implementation of equipment monitoring and predictive analytics in any plant. It automates the process of monitoring, diagnosing and predicting machinery health for any equipment that can be instrumented with sensors. This highly affordable software actively assists in production efficiencies, maintenance logistics, and real-time fault identification and resolution.

The technology can be seen in action by visiting MACSEA’s website and downloading a demo. The demo allows a client computer to read real-time simulated engine data from a server via the Internet.

About MACSEA Ltd.
Founded in 1982, MACSEA Ltd. is one of the first companies to offer commercial software specifically focused on machinery and process health assessment. Over a decade of research and another decade of applied experience has resulted in some of the most advanced intelligent technology on the market for real-time machinery diagnostics and prognostics.
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