MACSEA Introduces Software Agents to Streamline Predictive Maintenance Process |

MACSEA Introduces Software Agents to Streamline Predictive Maintenance Process

March 012005
Stonington, CT: Machinery automation systems provide enormous amounts of raw process data to plant operators, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of points. Transforming massive amounts of data into information useful for effective predictive maintenance remains an arduous and expensive task for most companies. MACSEA Ltd. has introduced new software agent technology to streamline the predictive maintenance process. Intelligent software agents can now continuously monitor machinery, identify impending failures, and accurately predict remaining useful life. The newly released DEXTER Agents™ Version 3.3 is a software tool that allows companies to build and deploy software agents for machinery health monitoring and predictive maintenance. Intelligent prognostic software agents can predict future equipment faults and determine when maintenance should be carried out. By predicting machinery problems before they occur, unexpected breakdowns and process interruptions can be avoided. In the absence of significant degrading performance trends, equipment overhaul periods may be rationally extended, thereby eliminating unnecessary maintenance expense. The ability to predict future maintenance requirements leads to improved maintenance planning, reduced costs, and improved profits. Maintenance and repair decisions can be tied to actual equipment operating conditions based on the severity of degrading trends and equipment problems predicted by the software agents. Software agents automate the bulk of the time-consuming and complex data processing tasks typically associated with condition-based maintenance. DEXTER Agents™ allows companies to rapidly deploy software agents to keep a continuous watch over equipment and process health, detect abnormal conditions, pinpoint developing problems, and alert operators before process interruption can occur. The agents use probabilistic neural networks to decipher the multitude of alarm conditions associated with machinery faults, and can generally isolate a fault much faster than a human operator. DEXTER Agents™ can be used in virtually any machinery application where sensor measurements are acquired.

Improved reliability, machinery uptime, and production profitability are the goals of every manufacturer, no matter how large or small the operation. Many companies have installed modern plant automation systems to measure and control equipment performance, however, often times more process data is generated than companies can feasibly analyze. Yet this data contains valuable diagnostic indications of developing machinery problems. Turning this data into useful information requires peoples’ time, knowledge, and specialized skills, all of which are a premium commodity in today’s lean organizations. Software agents are an ideal solution for transforming raw process data into money saving decision information that can improve equipment reliability, eliminate downtime, and reduce maintenance costs. Agents can work around the clock at no extra expense to the company.

DEXTER Agents™ easily integrates with most process automation and data historian software on the market. This means that existing investments in networks, process automation, and asset management systems are further leveraged with the addition of DEXTER Agents™. Attaching intelligent software agents to monitor and assess process data will add significant value to the plant IT infrastructure that is already in place.

About MACSEA Ltd.
MACSEA Ltd. is one of the first companies to offer commercial software agents specifically focused on machinery and process health assessment. Over a decade of research involving artificial neural network models for pattern recognition, control, and machine learning has resulted in some of the most advanced intelligent agent technology on the market for real-time machinery diagnostics and prognostics. The company has been active in the Naval and marine market segments for the past twenty years. MACSEA has recently shifted its focus to industrial markets, as the commercial demand for profitability and reliability has surged.

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