Mangan Inc. and Momentum Technical Consulting Form Alliance to Increase Market Penetration and Service Offering |

Mangan Inc. and Momentum Technical Consulting Form Alliance to Increase Market Penetration and Service Offering

January 252005
AUSTIN, Texas -- (Jan. 25, 2005)—Mangan Inc. (Long Beach, CA) and Momentum Technical Consulting Inc. (Austin, TX) today announced an agreement establishing a working alliance between the companies to increase their market penetration, enhance their respective technical expertise and expand service offerings. This alliance will also leverage each company’s established reputation for quality while allowing them to increase the scale of projects and the geographical coverage that each now provides.

The new alliance teams will provide critical process analysis and experienced instrument and control systems experts to optimize system integration and process control automation in a wide range of industries. These automation solutions improve their customers’ operational efficiencies, product quality, personnel safety and environmental compliance while reducing their operating costs. Some of the industries served by the Mangan and Momentum alliance include: Chemical, Refinery, Biotech, Pipeline, Oil and Gas, Industrial Security, Semiconductor, Plastic and Polymers and Pulp and Paper.

“Our alliance brings greater capabilities to each of our companies, allowing us to serve more markets and provide more comprehensive services to our clients,” stated Ralf Lukner, Momentum’s President. “Each company brings strong technical expertise in the automation market. Together we can complete larger scale jobs and offer higher end services,” added Nigel James, Mangan’s President.

About Momentum
Momentum Technical Consulting is headquartered in Austin, Texas and provides reliable, customized controls and instrumentation solutions to global customers in the Chemical, Refining, Plastic and Polymers, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor and Biotech industries. Specializing in optimizing systems for maximum profitability, Momentum’s products and services help clients solve industrial automation challenges creatively, efficiently and cost effectively for competitive advantage. For more information, please visit

About Mangan Inc.
Mangan, Inc. is a full-service automation and engineering company with locations in California and Texas. Founded in 1991 and employee-owned, Mangan’s workforce of over 100 personnel provides cost-effective control system solutions to the Refining, Petrochemical, Pipeline, Oil and Gas, and Biotech/Pharmaceutical industries. With repeat clients as the cornerstone of their business, Mangan is committed to continuous delivery of technical expertise and quality engineering services that provide maximum value to their clients. For more information, please visit
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