Mannetron Robots Get Smarter with SmartMotor |

Mannetron Robots Get Smarter with SmartMotor

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Mannetron, one of the leading entertainment robot manufacturers has created a new generation of “anthrobots” (anthropomorphic robots) by incorporating Animatics’ SmartMotor™.

Mannetron is installing 10 of the SmartMotors™ into International Robotics’latest version of the SICO 8 roll-around entertainment robot. The SmartMotor ™ was chosen because of it’s stand-alone, brushless feature. According to Mannetron’s chief engineer, Peter Jungen, the SmartMotor™ handled the need to design around where to put the servo amp, DSP card and positioning sensor wiring. “All of these are packaged inside the SmartMotor™ servo which solved our problem of limited space within the robot cavity”, said Jungen.

Mannetron also developed a Real-time Windows driver and wireless
transmitter. This software enables the robot to be controlled remotely by a keypad in the operator’s pocket, which is used to transmit a single command or a macro to the SmartMotors™. Jungen said, “Because of the amount of processing power in the SmartMotor’s™ built in DSP which handles all the low level real-time calculations, we are able to use the power of the central
processor entirely for the coordination of fluid and complex gestures.”

Mannetron plans to use the SmartMotor™ in their next generation of the Maximillion anthropomorphic robot, which has 45 motions. With their development of the Real-time software, wireless transmitter and the SmartMotor™, they feel they have one of the most advanced entertainment robots to date.
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