Manufacturing Execution System from Advanced Automation Associates Helps Major Commercial Printer Save $20 Million |

Manufacturing Execution System from Advanced Automation Associates Helps Major Commercial Printer Save $20 Million

Exton, PA – November 24, 2003 – When one of the world’s largest commercial printers was looking for a way to drive quicker delivery and better quality, improve asset utilization, reduce system costs, and eliminate production paperwork, they turned to Advanced Automation Associates, Inc.

Advanced Automation Associates (A3) achieved those objectives by developing an enterprise-wide manufacturing execution system (MES) that gathers, analyzes, and reports operational and production data. Utilizing this system, this leader in commercial printing is able to track key performance indicators at all levels with full visibility across their entire enterprise. From corporate wide management reporting for SEC filings, to individual operator job analysis, data from the presses and associated equipment is utilized across all levels of the company for real time operational feedback. The project has evolved with corporate needs to where it is now an integral part of this printing giant’s daily operations at the plant floor level through the executive offices.

“Our client embarked on an initiative to redesign their business process in order to maintain their market dominance,” said Robert A. Zeigenfuse, the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of A3. “The company sought a single, standard solution enterprise-wide across 30 plants in three countries, five distinct business units, and over a limitless variety of production equipment. Our team of engineers was uniquely qualified to design this system, which included rapid development and deployment, full support for the system users, and buy in of all of the key players in the plant, in operations, and in management.

“By implementing this project on existing capital equipment, our client saved approximately $20 million in capital expenses,” Zeigenfuse said. “Furthermore, the use of an open platform for data collection saved almost $1.6 million in software support fees. With the open platform configuration, combined with our client’s ownership of the code and database, they now control their own destiny and direction for future MES enhancements and expansions.”

As designed and implemented by A3, this solution uses an open system approach for scalability and performance. The solution automatically gathers, analyzes and reports line operation and production information, displays the results to line operators and supervisors, and includes features to identify new jobs and generate reports from stored records. The database on which the front-end system relies was developed in a Microsoft SQL 7 Server. Since the system gathers line operation and production information from each line’s controller, each controller and sensor had to be normalized to assure that the data was consistent in format and meaning.

About Advanced Automation Associates:
Advanced Automation Associates (A3) specializes in the development of real-time performance management systems for the process manufacturing industry. Combining the disciplines of electro/mechanical engineering, information technology and business strategy, A3 creates integrated solutions that enable clients to control, improve and optimize their manufacturing process. A3 has deep experience in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and commercial printing industries worldwide. Additional information about the company is available on their web site at

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