Measurement Computing Corp. Announces Its New High-Speed, Low-Cost Personal Measurement Device |

Measurement Computing Corp. Announces Its New High-Speed, Low-Cost Personal Measurement Device

July 212004
Measurement Computing Corp. Announces Its New High-Speed, Low-Cost Personal Measurement Device
Personal Measurement DeviceTM PMD-1208FS offers 12-bit analog inputs and sample rates up to 50 kilosamples/second

MIDDLEBORO, Mass.—July 21, 2004—Measurement Computing Corporation today announced the release of its new high-speed, low-cost Personal Measurement Device (PMD). The new USB–based PMD-1208FS sets a new standard for low-cost, PC-based analog and digital I/O. With single piece pricing set at $149, the new device offers truly unparalleled performance in its price range. The unit is fully compatible with USB 1.1 as well as USB 2.0, and is supported by the Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP operating systems.

The PMD-1208FS provides 8 single-ended or 4 differential analog inputs, 12-bit resolution, 8 software selectable input ranges, and offers sample rates up to 50 kilosamples per second. In addition to the analog inputs, the unit provides two channels of 12-bit analog output, one 32-bit counter, and 16 bits of digital I/O.

At 3.25 inches wide by 3.125 inches long by 1inch high, the PMDs are large enough to make connecting field wiring easy, yet small enough to fit on even the most crowded bench. Magnetic and Velcro mounting options along with a .225 inch attachment hole make mounting easy, even in unconventional installations. The attachment hole can also be used by a cable lock or padlock in applications where unit security must be protected.

PMD software is provided in a variety of forms, one of which will be ideal for any application. All PMDs include InstaCAL, which is Measurement Computing’s powerful installation and test application package. The units also include TracerDAQ; Measurement Computing’s powerful strip chart recorder, oscilloscope and data logger software application. OEMs and experienced programmers can take advantage of a comprehensive set of C++ routines (including source) that provide access to all of the units’ functions.

All PMDs also include Measurement Computing’s powerful Universal Library. The Universal Library is a powerful language interface allowing users to write programs in all of the popular programming languages using easy-to-understand, high-level command syntax. The PMD family also includes drivers for most popular data acquisition application packages including SoftWIRE® and LabVIEW®.

Measurement Computing Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacture of computer-based test and measurement hardware and software. These products include analog and digital I/O boards, serial and GPIB interfaces for the USB, PCI, ISA, cPCI, PCMCIA and PC/104 buses, as well as RS-232/485 serial interfaces. The privately owned company, founded in 1989, has more than 70 employees and markets its products worldwide through direct sales, a distribution network, and the worldwide web. Visit for more information.

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