Mechanical Industrial Research in Taiwan Opts for SmartMotion Software |

Mechanical Industrial Research in Taiwan Opts for SmartMotion Software

December 162004
The Motion Control Library of PLCopen, which was introduced just one year ago, has now also proved its practical suitability. In addition to its utilisation in packaging machines, a fully electrically operated plastic moulding machine with a SoftPLC control software from infoteam Software has now been commissioned in accordance with this new standard. The certification of SmartMotion through PLCopen was carried out on the occasion of SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg.

Bubenreuth, 16. December 2004
The practical suitability of the motion control system had, however, been established by infoteam Software in the months leading up to the exhibition. A new generation of plastic moulding machines will now be equipped exclusively with electric drives thus drastically enhancing the quality of the products that are manufactured with this equipment. Mobile telephones or medical devices require impact and scratch-resistant plastics. Production is therefore carried out at high temperatures and requires a fast injection process and extreme dynamics when opening and closing the mould. This can only be achieved with fully electrically operated plastic moulding machines. With SmartMotion, infoteam Software offers a library of motion control function blocks which harmonise perfectly with the high efficiency of PC-based control systems such as SmartPLC.

The implementation of the IEC 61131-3 function blocks on the basis of CAN in Automation DIS 402 motion profiles is also new. The former implementations of the PLCopen function blocks all have a definite hardware basis. Now SmartMotion, together with CANopen, represents a solution that is - for the very first time - completely hardware-neutral. Infoteam furnished proof of the portability of the library at the exhibition by demonstrating the SmartMotion library with conventional CAN controllers from the Swiss company MAXON. The electronic vertical shaft with a master and three slaves on the CAN bus. This paved the way for cycle times of less than a millisecond!

Referring to the benefits of SmartMotion, Mr. Chang, Head of Automation at the “Mechanical Industrial Research Lab” in Taiwan says: “The SmartMotion implementation from infoteam has allowed us to achieve a level of efficiency never yet reached with PC-supported automation and we have also been able to reduce costs significantly. The professional advice provided by infoteam was also essential for the success of the project. The software on its own would not have been much help to us!” The success of the project in Taiwan has already attracted a further 12 manufacturers who are keen to employ this technology in the future.

infoteam Software GmbH
infoteam Software was founded in 1983 and now has over 50 employees who are committed to the development of software for industrial automation and medical technology. The central focus lies on interactive programming environments for industrial controllers, robotics, building and laboratory automation as well as on firmware for control, sensor and actuator engineering and communication in the area of Embedded Control. infoteam Software is the world market leader for IEC 61131-3-compatible programming environments, the global programming standard for industrial controllers.

infoteam's activities in the medical technology area focus on the development of software tools for laboratory automation as well as on automated tests and the company's professional, high-quality work guarantees the highest possible level of security in this safety-critical industry. Patient and laboratory databases and interactive graphical visualisation systems play a major role here as does the configuration of trial and analyses sequences. Relevant experience in the implementation of international standards such as IEC 61508 and statutory regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and IVD has been gathered in projects for safety-oriented systems and devices for radiological tests.

Our customer base includes leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East who operate in the areas of automation, medical technology, building management as well as energy generation and distribution.

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