MESA study says manufacturers need faster KPI views |

MESA study says manufacturers need faster KPI views

October 27, 2009 – A full 84% of production companies report that they could improve the speed of visibility into their operations performance results in Phase 1 of Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA)’s research survey, Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance. It also appears that IT challenges and a lack of understanding are the main obstacles to changing that situation.

Fred Vreeburg of Tata Corus states, “We must measure our performance in ways that help us to improve business results. What MESA is researching here shows some of the challenges we have in common, and I believe the efforts of MESA to share these valuable insights will help us become more effective.”

Phase 1 of the MESA study also reveals that while nearly 40% of respondents see operational results in the span of one shift or less, many still don’t believe that is fast enough. The major challenges are with IT for collecting the data and displaying the results of performance. However, IT is not nearly as large a challenge as lack of understanding and business process constraints in how the metrics information is used.

These initial findings underline the urgency for manufacturers and practitioners worldwide to participate in Phase 2 of this research, which opens today. MESA offers this opportunity to companies in all production industries – discrete, batch, continuous process and mixed mode – in multiple industry segments located anywhere around the globe. Phase 2 of this on-line survey is available for industry response now, and will be available through November 16. The online survey is accessible via the company’s website.

With so much room for improvement, producers need to learn all they can about best practices and the software systems available to support their efforts. These two items are core to the mission of MESA International, which is dedicated to driving operations excellence through educational events, working groups and forums for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices.

All respondents to the survey will receive a copy of the public summary findings report, to be released in February. MESA Premium members will also have access to a comprehensive findings report. Companies with more than 3 respondents to the study will also be entered in a drawing to win a manufacturer/producer corporate membership, a $550 value.

In addition to MESA International, premium funding sponsors for the study are: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Inc., Invensys Operations Management (Wonderware), Logica, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens. Supporting sponsors are Cordys, and SAP AG.

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