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Midwest Motion Products Announces The Model MMP-M815-BR Servo Drive

July 022004
Midwest Motion Products Announces The Model MMP-M815-BR Servo Drive
Midwest Motion Products of Watertown, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the release of a new Servo Amplifier Product, the Model MMP-M815-BR Servo Drive. Designed to accept DC input voltages ranging from 20 to 80 VDC (unregulated) this PWM Servo amplifier features a continuous output current of 8 ampere, and a peak of 15 amps for 1 second. The Brushed Motor amplifier accepts a typical input command signal of +/- 10VDC, or up to 35 VDC maximum. Measuring just 5.4” by 1.0” by 3.2”, the Model M815-BR is armed with a number of useful standard features that include adjustable peak and continuous current limiting, a scaleable input command signal, tachometer scaling, and built in diagnostics with protection against over-voltage, over-temperature, and ground faults. The feature that sets the Model MMP-M815-BR apart from all the rest, however, is it’s new “E-FOB Circuit”. This unique design employs our standard “Encoder Feedback On Board” circuit, a frequency to analog voltage converter that allows the user to employ a DC motor with an optical encoder in a closed loop velocity servo system. Very tight speed regulation can be obtained, despite typical torque disturbances, in a velocity controlled servo system.

The company offers a variety of standard companion equipment to accompany these unique drives, including multi-axis configurations, DC power supplies, Unidirectional, Sealed Motor Speed Controls, DC servo motors and gear-motors, complete with integrally mounted optical encoders, failsafe brakes, and analog tachometers.

For further details, please contact:
Midwest Motion Products
10761 Ahern Avenue SE
Watertown, MN. 55388

Phone: 952-955-2626
Fax: 952-955-3800

E-Mail: [email protected] Web: www.midwestmotion.com
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