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Midwest Motion Products Announces the Release of a New DC Gear Motor

August 242004
Midwest Motion Products Announces the Release of a New DC Gear Motor
Midwest Motion Products of Watertown, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the release of a new DC Gear Motor, the Model No. MMP.PDSF80-12V.050.1. Accepting any 12 VDC Power Source, including batteries, this DC Gear Motor measures just 2.8” in Diameter, by 6” long, with an 80mm Square Gearbox. The output shaft is 10mm diameter, and is provided with a Square Shaft Key and Keyway. Mounting is accomplished with 4 “face mount threaded screws, 68 mm apart.

The Gear motor, equipped with a 50:1 Gear ratio, is rated for 57 In Lbs. of continuous torque, at 3.9 Amps of current. The Gearmotor is capable of 70 In Lbs. of Peak Torque. Typical options available with this Servo Motor include integral Optical Encoders, Failsafe Brakes, Analog Tachometers, and optional ratios ranging from 3:1 to 180:1. The company offers a Planetary solution as well, with standard or low backlash precision gearing available.

Midwest Motion Products offers a variety of standard ancillary equipment including multi-axis drive and control configurations, DC power supplies, DC servomotors and gear-motors. Custom Motor Shaft and mounting configurations are also available. Typical applications include Battery Operated Motors & E.V. drives, Medical, Mobility / Accessibility products, Robotics & Automation including Ordnance Disposal Robots, Semiconductor Processing Equipment, Actuators, Packaging & Labeling Machines, Metalworking Machines, and many other applications requiring rugged motion control.

For further details, please contact:
Randy Cordes, Sales & Service
Midwest Motion Products
10761 Ahern Avenue SE
Watertown, MN. 55388

Phone: 952-955-2626
Fax: 952-955-3800

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