MOXA launches web site for Ethernet in Manufacturing Automation

MOXA launches web site for Ethernet in Manufacturing Automation
Taipei, Taiwan, Sept 5, 2006—MOXA launched a new web site ( ) that targets manufacturing automation markets. Actual solutions and success stories from many different applications are featured on the theme site.

Starting several decades ago, industrial networks brought numerous benefits to manufacturing automation applications, but to guarantee continued success, today’s manufacturing automation applications must utilize newer solutions that eliminate the high cost and proprietary protocols that make integration and future upgrades difficult. Since Ethernet can be used to integrate existing devices and protocols into manufacturing automation applications that still use serial device servers, Ethernet has become the primary communication infrastructure for automation networks.

Ethernet provides a reliable and open network infrastructure that allows the various systems used with modern manufacturing automation applications to be combined into a highly synchronized communication system. Long distance transmission requirements between communication points are easy to meet for large-scale or outdoor manufacturing sites. One option available is to integrate optical fiber into the Ethernet network. MOXA offers complete product lines—including versatile industrial Ethernet switches, wireless Ethernet, Ethernet-to-fiber media converters, and industrial video servers—that can be used as key components for applications related to machine building, mining, metal refinery, petrochemical plants, and semiconductors.

MOXA’s new MA theme site shows how the Ethernet network infrastructure fits into the four main industries of machine building, metals, petrochemicals, and semiconductors. Please visit our theme sites frequently to see the latest information.

About MOXA
MOXA Networking is part of the MOXA Group, a conglomerate that manufactures device networking products for industrial automation. Information about all MOXA products, which include industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, multiport serial cards, ready-to-run embedded computers, and active remote I/O servers, is available on the MOXA Group’s corporate website.
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