MOXA obtains Microsoft Vista operating system certification |

MOXA obtains Microsoft Vista operating system certification

Brea, December 7, 2006 — MOXA has received approval from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Laboratories (WHQL) for Windows Vista x86 and x64 editions, making MOXA the world’s first provider to offer Vista-certified multiport serial board and serial device server products.

Vista is Microsoft’s latest edition of the Windows operating system and is scheduled for release very shortly. As with previous editions of Windows, Vista is expected to become the dominant platform in PCs worldwide, and software and hardware companies have already begun to adapt. To guarantee a seamless transition for users of MOXA products, establishing early Vista certification was made a top priority.

Previous Windows editions allowed unrestricted installation of hardware that was not Microsoft- certified, simply notifying users with a digital signature warning. One of the primary changes being introduced with Vista is the dramatically more stringent security measures, and the x64 edition will prohibit the installation of non-certified hardware. Due to careful planning and testing, MOXA is the only provider so far that is able to offer Vista-certified multiport serial boards and serial device servers. With Vista certification, users now have an immediate selection of Vista-ready products, and current MOXA users can be assured of continuous, reliable operation when it comes time to upgrade.

Vista-certified product lines:

Multiport Serial Boards
1. PCI Express Multiport Serial Boards
2. Universal PCI Multiport Serial Boards

Serial-to-Ethernet Servers
1 Secure Device Servers
2 Device Servers
3 Embedded Modules
4 Terminal Servers
5 Serial-to-Wireless Servers

The MOXA logo is a registered trademark of the Moxa Group. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. The MOXA Group is a conglomerate that manufactures device networking products for industrial automation.
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