Moxa Technologies Launches a New Embedded Network Enabler Module for Industrial Serial Devices |

Moxa Technologies Launches a New Embedded Network Enabler Module for Industrial Serial Devices

October 242003
Moxa Technologies Launches a New Embedded Network Enabler Module for Industrial Serial Devices
NE-4000T is the latest of Moxa’s Serial (TTL) to Ethernet Embedded Network Enabler modules. This “mighty-mini” drop-in embedded device server gives engineers a straightforward solution for making serial devices network-ready, giving users of the serial device the ability to connect to and configure the device over the Internet.

NE-4000T is a compact module—only 44 x 31.48 mm, or less than half the size of your credit card—that can be integrated easily into your serial device to make the serial device 10M Ethernet-ready. The small form factor not only saves space, but also means that NE-4000T can be incorporated into your existing serial devices.

With NE-4000T’s built-in TCP/IP stack, your engineers do not need to spend time doing detailed TCP/IP programming, and you can significantly shorten your time-to-market, allowing you to save money up front during the design phase of your product. The rugged NE-4000T embedded module offers higher performance. Its industrial grade features—including a wide operating temperature range of 0 to 70°C—make it ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Other features include an extremely low power consumption (< 0.325 watt), and high expandability of up to 8 digital GPIO and modem control signals. Because of NE-4000T’s onboard transformer, you just need to add one RJ45 connector to your device to connect to the Internet, and the standard 5 VDC power system and dual-in-line 24-pin header makes integration straightforward and hassle-free.

NE-4000T’s built-in TCP/IP stack lets you configure your device’s IP address over the Internet, and all serial port and Ethernet settings can be configured via the serial console, by Web browser, or with Moxa’s Windows utility. In addition, an NECI (Network Enabler Configuration Interface) API is available for customers to develop their own Windows configuration utility.

NE-4000T is extremely cost-effective, and offers the benefits of increased reliability, small size, and reduced time to market.


· Serial (TTL) to 10M Ethernet drop-in module for embedded device networking

· Compact size (44 x 31.48 mm) and Dual-In-Line pin headers for easy integration

· Ready-to-use TCP/IP firmware for fast integration

· Ultra low power consumption (0.325W)

· Easy configuration by Web browser, serial console, and Windows utility

· Highly expandable with up to 8 digital GPIO pins

· Onboard transformer

NE-4000T Start Kit:

The NE-4000T Starter Kit provides a quick and cost-effective way to evaluate this new product. The Starter Kit allows manufacturers to jumpstart their development work by providing the following items: an evaluation board assembly with the NE-4000T, a universal power supply, configuration utility and software (on CD-ROM), status LEDs, and an RS-232 serial interface for easy connection to a PC.

About Moxa Technologies Co., Ltd.
With more than 16 years of experience in the development and marketing of industrial communications products, and over 5,000,000 serial ports installed around the globe, Moxa Technologies is now the No. 1 serial and serial-to-Ethernet communications product supplier in Asia. Moxa's products are CE and FCC approved, and come with various interface configurations, such as ISA, PCI, and Universal PCI, and work with all major operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.x, DOS, OS/2, Linux, UnixWare, SCO Unix, Solaris, and QNX. Moxa is committed to the continual development of new technology, high performance, and reliability, as well as a friendly user-interface, to meet customers' serial, serial-to-Ethernet, and industrial Ethernet communications needs. Moxa's vision is to be the "Total Solution for Industrial Device Networking" for all industrial data communications customers.
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