Moxa Technologies launches the world's first intelligent industrial Ethernet Device Server – MOXA EtherDevice Server™ |

Moxa Technologies launches the world's first intelligent industrial Ethernet Device Server – MOXA EtherDevice Server™

Moxa Technologies launches the world's first intelligent industrial Ethernet Device Server – MOXA EtherDevice Server™
Moxa Technologies to launch MOXA EtherDevice Server™—the world’s first intelligent industrial Ethernet Device server specially designed for connecting Ethernet-enabled devices, such as PLC, HMI, and DCS systems, in industrial field applications—at the end of June.

More now than ever before, industrial equipment uses Ethernet as the primary interface for both communications and control. However, since industrial Ethernet equipment acts at the core of a communications system to connect different segments of the network, and often connects industrial automation devices as opposed to computer hosts, industrial networks must use network equipment (Ethernet switches, for example) that is more robust and reliable compared with standard commercial counterparts.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of commercially available network equipment is to connect PCs, printer servers, and other office devices. This means that commercial network equipment lacks specialized functions—such as fast recovery when devices are reconnected, and dynamic alarm reports when a device’s network connection of is out of order—that are required when connecting industrial devices. Besides, commercial equipment is designed to work in the comfort of offices and climate-controlled corporate machine rooms, as opposed to demanding industrial environments, in which redundant power inputs, the ability to withstand high temperatures, and provisions for dust protection, are a must. The fact is that commercial network equipment available in today's market simply cannot meet the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial applications.

One way to emphasize the difference between the office and industrial environments is to consider what happens when network activity is interrupted. In the office, a 5-minute communication failure might cause a few ruffled feathers due to a suspension of e-mail activity and the unavailability of network printers. In an industrial setting, however, a mere 5-second interruption in network activity could mean a disruption of critical manufacturing processes that results in a huge financial loss.

Taking these factors into consideration, we can conclude that industrial Ethernet products that are specially designed for connecting Ethernet-enabled devices are needed to keep your industrial automation system running continuously, and informative management functions geared towards connected Ethernet-enabled devices can help you master your device network and prevent damage.

In consideration of these industrial requirements, Moxa Technologies is launching MOXA EtherDevice Server™, which includes the following features:

— Excellent for keeping automation systems running continuously

MOXA EtherDevice Server™‘s Line-Swap Fast Recovery (patent pending) function guarantees reliable operation by recovering in just a few milliseconds when devices are unplugged and then reconnected on-site (compare this with the several minutes of reconnection time required by commercial Ethernet equipment). Its industrial device oriented design also includes auto-detect redundant power inputs, Ethernet ring redundancy, watch dog self-saver™, MTBF of more than 10 years, operating temperature from -20℃ to 70℃, and an IP30 casing to provide dust protection.

— Dynamically know the status of networked industrial equipment

MOXA EtherDevice Server™ sends real-time e-mail messages to the administrator when network traffic builds up or when an exception is detected. The administrator can use this valuable information to avert network jams, and recover quickly when key equipment acts up, helping prevent damage or losses caused by unexpected interruption in network communication.

— Easily maintain and troubleshoot your networked automation applications

Maintaining your industrial Ethernet network is easier with Moxa EtherDevice Server™’s useful debugging utilities. This includes sending ping commands that originate from EtherDevice Server™ itself to identify each segment on your industrial device network, and setting up a mirroring port to assist control engineers in monitoring data transmission between computer host and devices. These functions are particularly useful during the development phase by helping to debug and optimize the communications system.

— Industrial equipment oriented design

MOXA EtherDevice Server™ can allot a higher bandwidth to important equipment, and provide selected groups of devices with secure network access to prevent unauthorized access.

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