MTS level transmitters certified AMS Aware |

MTS level transmitters certified AMS Aware

MTS level transmitters certified AMS Aware
October 14, 2008 - MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division announced that Emerson Process Management has named its Level Plus Model MR liquid-level transmitters as AMS aware, meaning that they work in tandem with Emerson's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. AMS Intelligent Device Manager, created to increase HART functionality, has defined the industrial plant asset management software market for over a decade. The AMS driver allows easier access to internal data registers and provides unparalleled control of all devices on the network using advanced automation software.

The software enables the Model MR transmitter to communicate directly with the control system by transforming the liquid-level data, as well as various other internal data registers, into a format that can be interpreted by the controller.

"Due to customer demand, we were committed to developing our Model MR transmitter to work with the AMS driver, so our customers can actively track the level in their tanks, perform preventive maintenance before there is a real problem with the system," said Lee Aiken, Level Plus product marketing manager, MTS Sensors.

The AMS driver is designed to collect data from the Model MR transmitter, organize the data for various maintenance functions, and monitor the health of the transmitter so action can be taken before there is a serious breakdown in the system. This results in reduced plant commission and loop maintenance costs, and decreased process downtime.

The MTS AMS driver works via HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol contained in the 2 wire 4-20 mA signal line. HART is a two-way digital communication protocol that works with existing 'smart' technology to provide advanced feedback options and communication abilities. Since it is used with most 4-20mA signals, the MR sensor works extremely well when attached to a HART network. Asset management systems have been developed for HART protocol to coordinate and monitor all the smart devices within the network so that it can be controlled from a single source.

The Model MR transmitters monitor the product, interface, and temperature all from a single process opening. Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof approved, the Model MR's output is one or two 4-20 mA loops with HART. It is available in lengths up to 300 inches in a rigid stainless steel pipe or with 3A-approved sanitary pipes. The MR transmitter is also available in a stainless steel flexible hose, up to 480 inches long.

With typical non-linearity of 0.020% and a repeatability of 0.01%, the MTS M-Series Model MR analog liquid-level transmitter are some of the most accurate and affordable level transmitters for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous substances. The transmitters are maintenance-free with no recalibration required.

MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corp., is the global leader in the development and production of magnetostrictive linear-position and liquid-level sensors. Based on MTS' patented Temposonics technology, the Sensors Division is continually developing new ways to apply magnetostrictive sensing technology to solve critical applications in a variety of markets worldwide. With facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan, MTS Sensors Division is an ISO 9001 certified supplier committed to providing innovative sensing solutions that deliver customers with reliable, cost effective sensing devices.
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