MTS Sensors Adds Fieldbus Outputs and Mechanical Installation Options to New Temposonics® R-Series Product Family |

MTS Sensors Adds Fieldbus Outputs and Mechanical Installation Options to New Temposonics® R-Series Product Family

March 072005
MTS Sensors Adds Fieldbus Outputs and Mechanical Installation Options to New Temposonics® R-Series Product Family
CHICAGO – National Manufacturing Week Booth #2219 – (March 7, 2005) — MTS Sensors’ R-Series sensor, the latest innovation in the Temposonics® family of magnetostrictive position sensors, is now offered with standard Fieldbus outputs. The R-Series is also now available in flexible (RF) sensing element application housings, in addition to hydraulic (RH) and profile (RP) housings, and the TempoGuardTM II high-pressure housing (HPH) is now approved for hazardous environment usage with the R-Series.

The new R-Series Fieldbus output sensors can be directly interfaced to CANbus, DeviceNet and Profibus systems. The R-Series CANbus and Profibus products also offer multiple magnet sensing with up to 15 positions and five velocities simultaneously. This enables customers to replace multiple limit switches or linear sensors along a common axis thereby providing more useful feedback at a reduced cost.

The new R-Series sensors accommodates MTS Sensors’ patented flexible sensing element (RF) sensor design. This design is capable of sensing complex curvilinear motion and provides customers with a convenient packaging and installation envelope for long stroke sensors. The RF design can be coiled to a bending radius of 8 inches (200 mm) that can significantly reduce shipping costs for long sensors.

Finally, the Temposonics TempoGuard II explosion-proof housing is UL, cUL and ATEX approved for use with all outputs of the new R-Series and G-Series sensors. This high-pressure housing (HPH) not only provides a waterproof package, but is approved for operation in Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C and D areas. The TempoGuard II housing makes the new R-Series sensor suitable for use in applications such as mining, power generation, petrochemical plants and steel fabrication.

“Our new packaging and electronics interface options mean true one-stop shopping for all of our customers’ linear position sensing needs,” said Temposonics Marketing Manager, David Edeal. “With resolution as fine as 2 microns and update times as fast as half a millisecond, the new R-Series sensor makes real-time distributed control using fieldbus sensors a reality. And by including LED diagnostics and remote programmability, MTS Sensors has once again set the standard on state-of-the-art linear position sensing.”

The new R-Series sensor enhancements increase the capabilities of the innovative, digitally-based “smart” sensor including enhanced output capabilities and improved sensing performance and accuracy. The standard platform includes diagnostic LEDs and external programming capabilities to ensure that sensor installation and troubleshooting efforts are kept to a minimum. It was designed to ensure the highest available level of reliability and durability under harsh environmental conditions. The R-Series sensor is available with a full line of analog and digital serial outputs for non-contact sensing in linear absolute position measurement applications. List pricing for the R-Series sensor starts at $622.00.

For more information on Temposonics R-Series Sensors, please contact: MTS Systems Corp, Sensors Division, 3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513. Phone: (919) 677-0100. Visit their web site at

MTS Systems Corporation is the world leader in magnetostrictive linear position sensing technology. MTS Systems Corporation is a global operation, with facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan. In the U.S., the MTS Sensors Division has an ISO 9001 facility manufacturing rugged and reliable Temposonics position sensors as well as the highly repeatable and accurate Liquid-Level transmitters and gauges. With a strong commitment to research and development, product quality and customer service, the Sensors Division is constantly seeking ways to bring the highest value to customers.
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