Name Change for International SERCOS Trade Organization |

Name Change for International SERCOS Trade Organization

June 22, 2006 - At their recent annual meeting in Hannover Germany, the members of Interests Group SERCOS interface e.V. changed the name of the association to SERCOS International to reflect the world-wide use and acceptance of the SERCOS interface technology, as well as the internationality of its members. The names of SERCOS International’s subsidiaries, SERCOS North America and SERCOS Japan, remain unchanged.

At the meeting, SERCOS International selected a new board of directors: Chairman Dr. Karl Tragl of Bosch Rexroth AG, as well as deputy chairmen William Kegley of Rockwell Automation, Ralf Prechtel of Lust DriveTronics GmbH and Prof. Guenter Pritschow of ISW, University of Stuttgart.

In return for his long lasting and committed activity as a board member, Gerhard Zinke of andron GmbH was elected as honorary member of the organization.
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