Nematron and Strategic Systems International Partner for Integrated Factory Control |

Nematron and Strategic Systems International Partner for Integrated Factory Control

Ann Arbor, MI, May 8, 2001. Nematron Corporation (Amex: NMN) and Strategic Systems International (SSI) have partnered to offer an integrated factory control solution. TROPOS DACS (Data Acquisition and Control Solution) provides a comprehensive two-way link between SSI's TROPOS® supply chain management software and a manufacturer's shop floor systems. This "Top Floor to Shop Floor" link -- combining process-generated data with ERP-driven workflow -- adds up to a real competitive advantage for manufacturers.

TROPOS DACS consists of three main components: the TROPOS Transaction layer, Nematron's PC-Based Control software suite, and Nematron's Industrial Control Computers (ICCs). These components join seamlessly to collect real-time data from the shop floor, perform process control, compile the results, and report to the ERP system with the objective of improving overall enterprise performance.

TROPOS DACS won the "Highly Commended" prize in Best New Factory Control Product Award at CIM 2000. It has achieved what was once only a remote possibility -- a bridge across the "great divide" between manufacturing and business processes.

"Through the optimisation of supply chain dynamics in relation to shop floor production capabilities, TROPOS DACS offers manufacturing a refined methodology for collecting real time process information, " said Trevor Lewis, Managing Director of SSI. "‘Best of Breed' Nematron hardware, Nematron PC-based control software, and TROPOS fully integrate into an organisation's business control system. The collected data is appropriately correlated via the e­Solutions layer with QC, BoM, Sales and Procurement facets to ultimately deliver increased value and shorter lead times to customers."

David Hicks, Nematron's Director of International Operations, added, "The impact of this product integration will be realized across the supply chain, delivering increased predictability on delivery promise dates while helping to control process yields, product quality and managing work-in-progress, all of which have a significant and visible impact on a company's bottom line."

"To obtain the true value of PC-Based Control software, solution providers must provide connectivity to the enterprise applications," noted Craig Resnick, a senior analyst at the ARC Advisory Group. "Establishing this connectivity is the key to fulfilling the value proposition of PC-Based Control software in today's collaborative e-manufacturing environment. This joint development between Nematron and SSI will establish that connectivity, and provide Nematron with a partner who has supply chain application experience in a broad array of manufacturing industry vertical applications. These applications include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, paper, textiles, metals, as well as the traditional discrete industries such as automotive where Nematron also has significant experience.

"Nematron is continuing its aggressive acquisition and partnering activities, both broadening and deepening its solution capability, clearly positioning themselves as a capable integrated solution provider to their clients."

Nematron Corporation has been setting the standard in PC-based control since the birth of the industry. Nematron is the only company that designs, manufactures and services proven Control and Information Stations and Systems for today's factory automation needs, and has significant applications and reference sites in nearly every manufacturing industry. For additional information about Nematron, visit web site

SSI has been providing competitive advantage to a client base of small and medium size companies since 1982 by developing, implementing and supporting supply chain and ERP solutions. Solutions include e-commerce, ERP, inventory management, supply chain collaboration, information management and shop floor integration. For additional information about SSI, visit their Web site at

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