Nematron Introduces New Products for Embedded Computing |

Nematron Introduces New Products for Embedded Computing

Nematron Introduces New Products for Embedded Computing
Ann Arbor MI, June 15, 2001 (Amex: NMN) — Nematron Corporation, a leading developer of PC-based control solutions, introduces two new products for embedded computing: the m-Series Industrial Control Computer™ and the Battery-Backed Static RAM (BBSRAM) PCI expansion card.
m-Series Industrial Control Computer
The m-Series is a small (approx. 6" x 8" x 10"), competitively priced screenless industrial computer that is ideal for embedded control solutions. When used in combination with a monitor, the m-Series is also great for HMI applications.
The m-Series offers PCI expansion, a selection of Intel processors from 433 MHz Celeron through 850 MHz Pentium III, up to 512 MB memory, and built-in 10/100 BaseT Ethernet. In addition to standard high performance hard drives, all m-Series models can also use flash memory as a storage option.
Like all Nematron industrial computer products, the m-Series is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments such as heat, cold, and rough treatment. Shock and vibration specs for these flash-based computers far exceed those of standard industrial computers.
For complete technical information on the m-Series computer, visit or email [email protected].
Battery-Backed Static RAM Card
This retentive memory card protects your state variables from loss over a power cycle, and it is ideal for applications ranging from manufacturing and process control through test and measurement. An on-board lithium battery backs up the card's 256 KB of non-volatile memory, providing up to 10 years of data retention. An external battery option is also available.
Retentive memory is an essential component of PC-based control solutions. The BBSRAM card can either be purchased alone or bundled with any of Nematron's industrial PCs.
Support for this card is included in Nematron's OpenControl software, which allows users to refresh the non﷓volatile memory either continuously, whenever a variable changes state, or on a scheduled basis. Drivers for Windows NT™ 4.0 and Windows 2000™ are included with the card, and extensive documentation and sample code is available online. The documentation includes a comprehensive diagnostic utility and a fully documented reference application demonstrating the use of the card.
For complete technical information on the BBSRAM card, visit or email [email protected]
Nematron Corporation has been setting the standard in PC-based control since the birth of the industry. Nematron is the only company that designs, manufactures and services complete and proven Control and Information Stations for today's factory automation needs, and has significant applications and reference sites in nearly every manufacturing industry. For additional information about Nematron visit the web site at
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