Nematron--Optimation Introduces Two New OptiLogic I/O Modules |

Nematron--Optimation Introduces Two New OptiLogic I/O Modules

Huntsville, AL, November 2, 2001 — Optimation, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of two new modules in its OptiLogic series of Ethernet-based I/O modules.

The OL2258 is a 2-Channel High-Speed Pulse Counter, which provides direct pulse counting for a variety of applications including motion control, metering, and velocity measurement. The module contains on﷓board intelligence for processing and counting pulse information and for automatically triggering control outputs. In “Pulse and Direction” and “Up/Down” modes, the input pulse rate can be up to 80 KHz. In the “Quadrature” mode, the state transition rate can be up to 160 KHz. The OL2258 also returns frequency information. With all of this functionality and a price of $119, the OL2258 is best solution for your next high-speed counter application!

The second module being introduced is the OL2304. This is a 4-Channel Analog Voltage Output module priced at $199. The voltage output of each of the 4 channels can be individually programmed for one of four voltage ranges: 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, +/-5 VDC, or +/-10 VDC. The module generates its own isolated power (+/-5 mA/channel), eliminating the need for an outside source.

These modules can be used in any combination with others in the rapidly growing OptiLogic family of cost-effective Ethernet I/O modules. Users can configure any mix of analog and digital input and output modules in 4-slot or 8-slot bases. The base can then be mounted directly on a DIN rail or attached to an OptiLogic operator interface device. Built-in Ethernet provides connection to a controller in both cases.

Optimation, Inc. is a Huntsville, Alabama-based company that develops, produces, and markets communications and display products for industrial automation. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Nematron Corporation (Ann Arbor, MI - Amex: NMN, Optimation was formed in 1991, and has developed a solid reputation as the price leader in low-end displays and Ethernet networked input/output devices. For additional information about Optimation, visit our web site at or call Optimation at (877) 883-3050.

For Details, Contact:
Chuck Garrett
VP, Engineering
Optimation, Inc.
[email protected]

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