Network Vision Offers 14-day Trial of IntraVUE Graphical Ethernet Network Software |

Network Vision Offers 14-day Trial of IntraVUE Graphical Ethernet Network Software

March 022004
Network Vision Inc., Newburyport, MA – The deployment of Ethernet on the plant floor has created challenges for both Controls and IT personnel. Traditional Network Management software is often too complex and costly to handle the basic level-one support functions required to keep the plant floor network operational. Company founder Mark Fondl states, “When PLCs were first used for control, the programmers were called every time the machine stopped. In most cases the problem was a simple connection or limit switch issue. Graphical software tools providing logic flow enabled plant technicians to handles these frequent events. This reduced downtime and costs” Fondl continues, “IntraVUE was developed to assist by providing local support and reducing the need for highly skilled IT resources to solve basic network problems, in which 80% of the occurrences are connection or end device related.”

IntraVUE creates an accurate and live connection view of the network that dynamically changes with events. Line color changes indicate loss of communication as well as threshold levels exceeding preset limits. Information about connected Ethernet devices (PLCs, Operator Stations, Drives, I/O, etc) in addition to network equipment (Routers, Switches, and Hubs) are all displayed with easy to use navigational functions.

The simplicity is also achieved by keeping the entire network on a single screen. The network display can be pulled around to allow the user to navigate around the network. Wireless devices are depicted as dotted lines providing a unique ability to watch them move throughout the network.

IntraVUE is a software product deployed on a computer resident on the network being monitored and provides a 24 X 7 monitoring of all activities including disconnects, moves or devices added, which furthers enhances network security an often overlooked requirement.

The web server architecture can deliver this information to any user through a simple browser interface. IntraVUE also provides a framework and the ability to create individual links to documentation (User manuals, wiring diagrams, SOPs) in an easily accessible way.

This software delivers an extremely powerful and intuitive tool that can support both the Plant Floor and Information Technology organizations. The future of Network Visualization and Monitoring has entered a new level that will enhance Ethernet TCP/IP deployment.

For more information or a free 14 day Trial contact Network Vision Inc. at, [email protected] or call (877) 499-7800
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