New Banner Sensors Feature Industry's Best Burn-Through And Extraordinary Low Price |

New Banner Sensors Feature Industry's Best Burn-Through And Extraordinary Low Price

New Banner Sensors Feature Industry's Best Burn-Through And Extraordinary Low Price
Minneapolis, MN–October 28, 2003–Banner Engineering Corp. has announced new WORLD-BEAM® QS30 Series high-power sensors designed to provide maximum excess gain (burn-through) for accurate reliable sensing in applications with heavy fog, dust and industrial process contamination. Examples include car wash, forest or bulk products handling, automobile component manufacture and machining processes, amusement park attractions and mounted outside looking into industrial ovens, garage, bridge and tunnel entrances. Priced at just $219.00 per sensing pair, the Banner QS30EX and QS30RX emitter and receiver pair opposed-mode infrared sensors are the lowest priced in their class at less than half that of the nearest comparable product.

"The new (Banner) QS30EX and QS30RX sensors are truly an engineering breakthrough," said Joe Dolinsky, Technical Manager for Banner's photoelectric products. "Featuring innovative circuitry, these sensors offer a 213 m (700') sensing range and the best crosstalk, electrical noise and sunlight immunity of any sensing pair on the market today. Two distinct modulation frequencies are featured in each sensor and may be manually selected in applications with a high probability for crosstalk interference from additional sensors," Dolinsky added.

The sensors' rugged housings are sealed to a rating of IP69K -a new standard for industrial applications requiring 1200 PSI washdown protection. For added durability in harsh application conditions the internal components of the Banner QS30EX and QS30RX sensors are completely epoxy-encapsulated. A unique lens design further adds to the exceptional functionality of this sensing pair by shedding water and debris to reduce the occurrence of lens contamination. A unique lens material and design makes it highly resistant to impact.

"Unlike other high-power sensors that require massive housings, synchronization wires and a much longer barrel format with fewer mounting options, the compact WORLD-BEAM QS30EX and QS30RX are truly in a class of their own" Dolinsky also stated. "These completely self-contained sensors do not require an external amplifier or sync-wire and their WORLD-BEAM form-factor makes them not only the smallest sensors in their class but further adds to their flexibility with a wide range of convenient mounting options via either the 30 mm barrel, integral side-mounting holes or a series of available brackets.

An 8-segment LED bargraph displays continuous easy-to-read status during setup and operation. Status indicating LEDs located on the top of the sensor are visible from 360 degrees, providing constant operating status information at a glance. The 10 to 30V dc WORLD-BEAM® QS30EX and QS30RX sensors have a maximum output rating of 100 mA for each of their outputs. Light Operate and Dark Operate outputs are available depending on the model, offering two outputs per sensor that switch simultaneously: one NPN (current sinking) and one PNP (current sourcing). The sensors are available with a 2 m (6.5') PVC cable, 9 m (30') PVC cable or 5-pin integral Euro-style quick-disconnect cable.

Banner Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, electronic machine guarding systems, and precision measurement systems.

For further information, contact:
Banner Engineering Corp.
9714 Tenth Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55441
PH: 888-373-6767 (Toll-free North America), or 001-763-544-3164 (International)
FAX: 763-544-3213
email: [email protected]
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