New Command ColdSet Toolholders Use Patent-pending Technology to Improve Machining Performance with Small Diameter Tooling |

New Command ColdSet Toolholders Use Patent-pending Technology to Improve Machining Performance with Small Diameter Tooling

New Command ColdSet Toolholders Use Patent-pending Technology to Improve Machining Performance with Small Diameter Tooling
Ramsey, MN – July 11, 2002 --Command Tooling Systems has announced a significant development with its new line of ColdSet™ toolholders. ColdSet toolholders employ patent-pending Command S.M.A.A.R.T.™ technology, marking the first use of Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs). Using low temperature actuation, the result is a tool change process that is safer and more efficient. Compared to what was previously possible with collet chucks or heat shrink holders, the unique material properties of the ColdSet line offer enhanced high speed performance for small diameter tooling and unprecedented vibration damping characteristics. Command will introduce and demonstrate the ColdSet toolholder line at IMTS,
Booth # E-2724, September 4-11, 2002.

“Unlike heat shrink systems that use high temperatures to expand the toolholder bore to accept the cutting tool, ColdSet toolholder technology is truly 180 degrees different”, said Bill Keefe, Director of Engineering. ColdSet toolholders use a cold temperature process to trigger a phase transformation in the crystalline structure of the alloy. The ColdSet Tool Changer unit chills the toolholder nose to expand the bore in about 30 seconds. After the tool is installed, the holder grips the cutting tool as it begins to warm back to room temperature. "The time between actuation and gripping with this technology makes tool pre-setting much easier, and the tool is just as easily and quickly released by chilling it again,” Keefe added.

Perhaps more significant than the unique cool temperature approach to changing tools, are the small diameter performance characteristics of the Command S.M.A.A.R.T.™ alloy. Until now, toolholding for small diameter cutting tools, like those used in medical product manufacturing, has been limited to collet technology with corresponding problems of runout, rigidity, and vibration. Keefe stated “Contrary to heat shrink holders, this tool change method performs equally well with both carbide and high-speed steel when working with small diameter, round shank cutting tools. The small diameter capacity allows for reductions in tool set-up time based on runout repeatability.” ColdSet holders provide significant bore compression necessary for a broad range of gripping actuation, even for cutting tool shanks on the small end of standard tolerances. A higher amount of interference means less variation due to cutting tool shank tolerances.

While the dynamic stiffness of ColdSet toolholders is roughly equivalent to that of comparable steel holders, initial trials have indicated up to 70% greater vibration damping performance. ColdSet toolholders dampen the harmonics that generate chatter, resulting in improved accuracy, surface finish and cutting tool life. This is beneficial for applications such as high speed aerospace machining or hardened material die mold machining. Furthermore, for high-speed machining when balance is critical, ColdSet holders have no moving parts, collets, or nosepieces to hamper balance repeatability.

ColdSet holders are offered in standard sizes from .500” down to .125” with BT 40, CT 40 and 50, or HSK 63A and 63F shanks and feature holding power comparable to most heat shrink holders on the market.

Command Tooling Systems is the technology leader in toolholder manufacturing for high-precision machining operations serving many industries, including automotive, aerospace, computer, defense, electronic, job shop and medical equipment. Command™ is committed to providing tooling solutions of the highest quality, with immediate availability. For more information on ColdSet toolholders, contact: Command Tooling Systems; 13931 Sunfish Lake Blvd.: Ramsey, MN 55303 Ph: 763/576-6910 Fax: 763-576-6911.

Commandä, Command S.M.A.A.R.T., and ColdSet are trademarks of Command Tooling Systems, LLC. Patent Pending.
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