New Ethernet Module from Siemens Links Micro PLC to Automation System |

New Ethernet Module from Siemens Links Micro PLC to Automation System

New Ethernet Module from Siemens Links Micro PLC to Automation System
ALPHARETTA, Ga., Sept. 30, 2002 - Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. has introduced a new communications processor for its SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC that allows easy connections to Ethernet networks.

The CP 243-1 communications processor is linked to 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with RJ45 connectors and to a 24-volt power supply by a terminal strip. The module can be installed on a DIN rail or surface mounted for easy integration of the S7-200 into existing Ethernet networks.

The SIMATIC CP 243-1 extension module for the S7-200 provides seamless high-speed data exchange between S7-200 CPUs or to higher level automation systems, such as SIMATIC PLCs or HMI products, as well as to PC-based systems via an OPC interface. Combined with other S7-200 expansion modules, the CP 243-1 can also serve as an intelligent gateway between Ethernet and a field-level Profibus network or AS-Interface device network.

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Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., Siemens Energy & Automation manufactures and markets the world's broadest range of electrical and electronic products, systems and services to industrial and construction market customers. Its technologies range from circuit protection and energy management systems to process control, industrial software and totally integrated automation solutions. The company also has expertise in systems integration, technical services and turnkey industrial systems.

Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), headquartered in Munich, is a leading global
electronics and engineering company. It employs some 450,000 people in 193 countries, and reported worldwide sales of more than $74 billion in fiscal 2001 (10/1/00 - 9/30/01). The United States is Siemens' largest market, with nearly 80,000 employees and sales of $18.9 billion for fiscal 2001.

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