New Features of Emerson’s Ovation® Expert Control System Arm Power Generators with Predictive Intelligence for Improved Plant Performance |

New Features of Emerson’s Ovation® Expert Control System Arm Power Generators with Predictive Intelligence for Improved Plant Performance

December 152003
Ongoing Evolution of Ovation® System Further Enhances Plant Performance, Preserves Capital Investment

PITTSBURGH (Dec. 9, 2003) — The power industry’s leading control solution is now more powerful than ever. At POWER-GEN International 2003, Emerson Process Management unveiled new features to its Ovation® expert control system that arm power generators with the predictive intelligence necessary to simultaneously reduce costs and optimize plant performance. Ovation is a key component of Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital plant architecture. Proven in thousands of installations across industries worldwide, the technologies of PlantWeb incorporate high-speed communications networks, intelligent field devices and bus I/O technologies.

“Now, more than ever, Ovation provides our customers with the decision support and corrective action information they need to reduce costs, boost plant efficiency and stay competitive,” explained Steve Schilling, vice president, product development, Power & Water Solutions industry center of Emerson Process Management.

A key to this capability is Ovation’s integrated digital bus features, which leverage FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, DeviceNet™ and Profibus DP industry standard communications protocols. Ovation has successfully completed the Host Interoperability Support Testing under Fieldbus Foundation’s HIST program.

“These digital bus technologies deliver rich diagnostic information from the field to the Ovation control system, providing valuable, new insight into plant operations,” said Schilling, adding that AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager™, an integrated component of Ovation, puts this information at the fingertips of plant personnel by offering them an integrated window into the health of HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus and traditional field devices as well as the surrounding processes.

According to Schilling, Emerson has seen firsthand how customers in other industries have reduced costs and optimized plant operations through its PlantWeb digital plant architecture. “And now, as the power industry begins to embrace this proven strategy, Ovation is well-positioned to help power generators achieve these same benefits,” said Schilling.

The APC (Advanced Process Control) Toolkit, another new feature, is integral to Ovation’s predictive intelligence capabilities. The APC Toolkit embeds algorithms and process monitoring and analysis tools into Ovation, adding another level of diagnostics and intelligence.

The APC Toolkit is comprised of power application specific algorithms that are designed to meet the unique needs of the power industry. These algorithms embed advanced control and optimization functions into Ovation, as well as provide a systematic interface to the control strategy for advanced process monitoring and diagnostic tools. Examples of these algorithms are fuzzy logic, predictive control, sootblower control and a programmable logic block.

“With the capabilities that are possible with the APC Toolkit, we are essentially removing the distinction between traditional and advanced process control,” explained Schilling.

Thanks to a number of additional new features, it has never been easier to engineer, install and maintain the Ovation control system. These new features include:

· Runtime and configure engineering modes – Offers two modes for engineering: a secure runtime mode, which allows an engineer to make limited changes online without upsetting the process; and a configure mode, which enables an engineer to make significant changes quickly, efficiently and safely during system test, checkout and startup.

· Automatically generated termination drawings – Generates AutoCAD drawings directly from the Ovation configuration database to aid installation and simplify troubleshooting.

· Remote access via wireless handheld devices – Reduces startup and commissioning costs by making device installation and communications verification less labor and time intensive.

According to Schilling, today’s Ovation control system is dramatically different than the system that was introduced in 1997. “For example Ovation originally communicated using FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) protocols, which was the latest technology at that time. However, networking technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and now we’re seeing how Fast Ethernet and wireless technologies are taking plant efficiency and optimization to a whole new level,” said Schilling.

“Yet, for all the advancements Ovation has made, it is noteworthy that no one had to replace their system to take advantage of Ovation’s new capabilities,” he said. “Our customers are able to reap the benefits of the new features and technologies without changing out their core control strategy.”

This is possible because Emerson follows an approach that eschews proprietary technologies in favor of an architecture that leverages commercially available hardware platforms, operating systems and network architectures. This strategy, which takes advantage of proven and widely adopted computing technologies, standards and protocols, facilitates easier and less costly adoption and integration with customers’ existing systems.

“Use of commercially available technology enables Emerson to devote its resources to what’s important to us – developing value-added control applications and solutions for the power generation industry,” said Glenn Richter, a project engineer with We Energies.

“It was our vision from the start to design Ovation using an open systems approach that keeps pace with new technologies,” explained Schilling. “It’s this philosophy that enables Emerson customers to preserve the capital investment in their control system while also improving plant performance through the integration of predictive intelligence and other industry-leading technologies.”

Schilling points out it’s important to keep in mind that the new features unveiled at POWER-GEN are just the latest chapter in Ovation’s continuing evolution, as Emerson product developers continue to push the envelope to keep PlantWeb technologies and Ovation at the forefront of power industry control solutions.

“We’re working now on integrating the latest technologies and applications, such as intelligent objects, which will transform how plants are designed and also integrate process, maintenance and business data; and abnormal situation prevention (ASP), in which the control system not only finds problems while they are developing, but then also guides the user to resolving the problem,” said Schilling.

While Ovation continues to evolve and contribute to the value of the PlantWeb digital architecture, Schilling notes that Emerson’s approach to building a robust, state-of-the art control system for the power industry remains a constant. “Customers can continue to feel confident that they can benefit from the latest technologies and applications available while still preserving their capital investment,” he said.

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Emerson Process Management (, an Emerson business, is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the power, water and wastewater treatment, chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Emerson's Power & Water Solutions division (, formerly Westinghouse Process Control, is a global supplier of advanced distributed process control and information systems. The Pittsburgh-based company is a recognized leader in developing plant-wide process control solutions for the power generation, water treatment and wastewater treatment industries. Power & Water Solutions plays a key role in the Emerson mission of combining superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services. Emerson brands include: PlantWeb; Ovation; SmartProcess; Fisher; MicroMotion; Rosemount; DeltaV; and AMSTM Suite.

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