New Mounting Adapters for SICK Magnetic Cylinder Sensors |

New Mounting Adapters for SICK Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

New Mounting Adapters for SICK Magnetic Cylinder Sensors
Mounting adapters are now available for SICK’s magnetic cylinder sensors. The package price is 30% more economical than conventional magnetic cylinder sensors. SICK’s mounting adapters are especially cost effective because they reduce the number of parts that need to be bought and stored, no custom mountings need to be made, they are easy to install and they feature a tight, maintenance-free fit.

SICK’s line of magnetic cylinder sensors, offers unparalleled reliability, sensitivity and accuracy for position sensing in pneumatic cylinders. They are fully electronic and extremely rugged.

Hallmarks of the series are high sensitivity and exceptional repeat accuracy. They can reliably detect a magnetic ring in the piston through aluminum, brass or stainless steel housing walls and trigger a switching signal.

The MZ series of magnetic cylinder sensors attach directly to the cylinder body and feature a special housing for easy mounting. Their advanced design has no switching contacts or moving parts, making them highly reliable and rugged, even when exposed to severe vibration and shock.

With its industrial proximity sensor line, SICK, Inc. is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer a complete range of photoelectric (including luminescence, color, contrast and distance sensors) and proximity sensors. SICK’s extensive line includes inductive proximity, capacitive proximity, magnetic proximity and magnetic cylinder sensors featuring non-contact operation and high reliability. Now, all SICK industrial proximity sensors feature a lifetime warranty. SICK’s 50 years of innovation in photoelectric sensors, combined with this comprehensive proximity line, leave very few applications beyond SICK’s capabilities.

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