NI LabVIEW 7.1 Delivers Support for Smart Sensor Standard |

NI LabVIEW 7.1 Delivers Support for Smart Sensor Standard

May 112004
Worldwide Sensor Vendors Use New TEDS Library to Ensure Interoperability of TEDS Products

May 11, 2004 – National Instruments and global leading sensor manufacturers are collaborating to support the IEEE 1451.4 standard for smart sensors by adopting the new Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) library for NI LabVIEW 7.1 to read and write sensor information. TEDS technology eliminates paper sensor data sheets by digitally storing data such as scaling parameter, calibration and sensor vendor information on an embedded EEPROM chip, simplifying sensor configuration and eliminating the risk of data entry errors.

LabVIEW is the first general-purpose application software to fully support the IEEE 1451.4 standard. By using the free TEDS library for LabVIEW 7.1, dozens of worldwide sensor vendors are programming their smart TEDS sensors in the same development environment, creating a common platform for the implementation of the IEEE 1451.4 standard.

“Our customers are excited about the evolution of analog smart sensors,” said Dave Corelli, director of marketing and application engineering for PCB Piezotronics. “Programming TEDS information using the LabVIEW library ensures our smart TEDS sensors work with IEEE 1451.4 standard products, including NI data acquisition hardware. Automating sensor setup through TEDS creates an easier process for our customers and makes their measurements more efficient, reliable and faster.”

Many companies promoting the IEEE 1451.4 TEDS standard have adopted the new Sensors Plug&Play logo for their TEDS products to show interoperability and illustrate the common platform for smart TEDS sensors, software and measurement hardware. The initial list of vendors includes:

· Endevco
· Futek
· Honeywell Sensotec
· Kistler
· Interface
· Lebow
· Lion Precision
· Macro Sensors
· National Instruments
· PCB Piezotronics
· RDP Electronics
· Transducer Techniques
· Watlow
· Wilcoxon
· Weed Instrument

Three new NI hardware products – the NI SC-2350 signal conditioning carrier for multiple types of sensors, the NI BNC-2096 rack-mount terminal block for IEPE sensors and the SCXI-1314T terminal block for bridge sensors – include the circuitry required to communicate with TEDS. All three devices work with NI-DAQmx 7.2, the latest version of NI measurement and control services software, to incorporate TEDS functionality into features such as NI Measurement & Automation Explorer and DAQ Assistant configuration software. Engineers can use this TEDS platform to streamline system setup and save resources often spent on hidden development costs.

“We know from customer feedback that system setup can comprise 25 percent of overall measurement cost, the second highest cost after purchase price of software and hardware,” said Brian Betts, NI data acquisition product manager. “The combined offering of Sensors Plug&Play products from National Instruments and leading sensor manufacturers significantly reduces total setup time, saving our customers money and helping them obtain results faster. The end result is a more affordable and accurate measurement system.”

About National Instruments
National Instruments ( is a technology pioneer and leader in virtual instrumentation – a revolutionary concept that has changed the way engineers and scientists approach measurement and automation. Leveraging the PC and its related technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers costs through easy-to-integrate software, such as the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment, and modular hardware, such as PXI modules for data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 3,100 employees and direct operations in 40 countries. In 2003, the company sold products to more than 25,000 companies in 90 countries. For the past five years, FORTUNE magazine named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America. Readers may obtain investment information from the company’s investor relations department by calling (512) 683-5090, by sending e-mail to [email protected] or by visiting

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