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Okuma introduces Partners in THINC

Okuma introduces Partners in THINC
For manufacturing to survive and thrive, companies must adopt and use all the technology and resources available to them. Okuma America Corporation recognizes this, and we understand that our machine tools are just one part of the entire manufacturing process.

This philosophy has led us to the creation of the Partners in THINC facility in Charlotte, NC. The belief that “two heads are better than one” has been taken to an entirely new level. The first facility of its kind, Partners in THINC allows visitors to see real parts being manufactured for real customers – in real time. In addition, more than 30 of the industry’s leading companies have committed products, engineers and time to reach out to the manufacturing community in an effort to solve problems and create solutions as a team—a partnership.

Nine of the Partners in THINC have full-time staff resident at the facility. All others have committed sales and engineering resources for visitors and meetings three days a week. Customers can come and see how integrated solutions are working on the factory floor. They can also bring their own parts and discuss existing processes to explore how applying the Okuma THINC-OSP control and the power of the Partners will improve their manufacturing techniques and make them money.

The THINC-OSP Control is the first true PC-based, open architecture control that offers complete plug and play capability with Ethernet connectivity. THINC stands for THe Intelligent Numeric Control. The control boasts a 40GB hard drive that can handle virtually any Windows-based, third-party software, utilize Excel spreadsheets and even send collected data to other controls or computers on site or remotely – in real time.

With multiple machines on the floor all integrated with Partners’ solutions and the Okuma THINC-OSP control, the sky is the limit here in terms of solving the most complicated and complex manufacturing projects. It’s a one-stop shop for multiple solutions.
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