OpenSky and TÜV Rheinland to join RSA SecurWorld partner program |

OpenSky and TÜV Rheinland to join RSA SecurWorld partner program

OpenSky and TÜV Rheinland to join RSA SecurWorld partner program

October 26, 2016 – OpenSky, a subsidiary of TÜV Rheinland, announced its channel partnership with RSA, a Dell Technologies Business.  TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky have joined the RSA SecurWorld Partner Program as Strategic Partner in the United States, United Kingdom and in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The relationship will combine RSA's  RSA Archer GRC Suite of business risk management solutions with and TÜV Rheinland’s and OpenSky's expertise in information and technology risk management, and cybersecurity consulting, to deliver enterprise risk management solutions, to help enable enterprises to take command of risk in today's increasingly digital world.

RSA Archer technology is designed to empower organizations to manage multiple dimensions of risk with solutions built on industry standards and best practices, on one configurable, integrated software platform. OpenSky's Cyber-Threat based consulting services complement this by helping organizations better understand and classify their risk landscape by threat actor means, motive and opportunity. This helps enable organizations to prioritize and allocate their resources onto the use cases and risk controls that keep them most protected.

Tom Hazen, President, OpenSky commented, "As we enter the new era of the Digital Enterprise, the increasing volume of risk and the velocity at which it continues to emerge, combined with the accelerating volume and sophistication of the Cyber-Threat is forcing organizations to take their risk programs beyond check-box compliance. Regulations just aren't able to adapt quickly enough for traditional compliance-based approaches to keep them safe. They must consider the nature of the explicit threats to their organization when making risk management calculations."

RSA, TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky have worked together for more than six years, during which time TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky have built an active practice of experienced GRC and RSA Archer practitioners. The average level of experience of the OpenSky team is greater than six years. Additional capabilities further enhance this experience across the rest of its portfolio. In addition to mastering risk, TÜV

Rheinland and OpenSky also help enterprises to cloud-enable infrastructure, build advanced cyber defenses, and test existing defenses to identify critical vulnerabilities.

RSA, TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky are working together in these regions to establish a dedicated team of experts specializing in enabling successful enterprise risk management programs.

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