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Opto 22 Announces SNAP Ultimate I/O™ Learning Center

Company to Offer Self-Paced Learning on Award-Winning Remote Monitoring, Control, and Data Acquisition System

Temecula, CA — March 4, 2003 — Opto 22, a manufacturer and developer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition applications, has announced the development of the SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center, a fully-functional, complete set of Opto 22 hardware and software that provides all the tools needed to learn and train with Opto 22's SNAP Ultimate I/O system.

The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center, based on Opto 22’s successful SNAP Ethernet Demo Center, is a standalone system that includes a SNAP Ultimate processor (or brain) and assorted I/O modules, along with a SNAP rack, power supply, load panel, and cables. The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center also comes with a training manual and user’s guide, plus a number of software applications and utilities—including ioControl™, ioManager™, OptoOPCServer, and ioDisplay™—so users can quickly begin developing industrial applications for automation and capturing and delivering real-time industrial data to enterprise software and databases. Users will gain hands-on experience configuring I/O points, reading and writing to those points, writing simple control strategies, and building a graphical user interface.

The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center was developed in response to the success of Opto 22’s free training for SNAP Ultimate I/O. The company has offered the complimentary training since July of 2002. “Originally, we intended to provide free training only through 2002, but the response has been so overwhelming we’ve extended it through 2003,” says Alexi Gray, Opto 22 Director of Training. “Now, in order to meet continued demand, we’ve developed this self-paced learning tool for potential and existing users and all others interested in our SNAP Ultimate I/O.”

The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center is priced at $1495 US and will be available in March 2003 from the Opto 22 Web site (www.opto22.com) or through a network of authorized distributors.

About Opto 22
Opto 22 manufactures and develops hardware and software products for applications in industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition. Using standard, commercially available Internet, networking, and computer technologies, Opto 22’s input/output and control systems allow customers to monitor, control, and acquire data from all of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic assets that are key to their business operations. Opto 22's products and services support automation end users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel. Founded in 1974 and with over 75 million Opto 22-connected devices deployed worldwide, the company has an established reputation for quality and reliability.

Opto 22 products are sold through a worldwide network of distributors, partners, and system integrators. For more information, contact Opto 22 headquarters at 800-321-OPTO or visit our Web site at www.opto22.com.
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