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Opto 22 to be Distributed by APT Technology Co., Ltd. in China

May 062003
Beijing Firm is Principal Authorized Opto 22 Distributor on Chinese Mainland Temecula, CA — April 30, 2003 — Opto 22, a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition applications, has entered into an agreement designating APT Technology Co., Ltd. of Beijing as the principal authorized distributor of Opto 22 products within China.

APT Technology Co. Ltd. is a newly formed subsidiary of HBP Technology Co. Ltd., which has been an installer of Opto 22 systems for more than seven years. Now, under the new agreement, APT Technology will focus on distributing Opto 22 hardware to systems integrators and solution providers as well as end users. APT Technology plans to promote and support its new role with press activities and an aggressive marketing campaign that will include print advertising in relevant industry trade magazines in the Chinese local market.

Opto 22’s new relationship with APT Technology gives customers in China a local and established center of distribution for obtaining the software and hardware they need to design and build monitoring, control, and data acquisition systems for enterprise operations equipment. “Currently, there are more than 10 million Opto-connected devices in China,” says Bob Sheffres, vice president, Opto 22. “With APT Technology focused on distribution within that country, it’s now much easier for both existing and potential customers to source, price, demo, and purchase the full range of Opto 22 products.”

About Opto 22
Opto 22 manufactures and develops hardware and software products for applications in industrial automation, remote monitoring, and enterprise data acquisition. Using standard, commercially available Internet, networking, and computer technologies, Opto 22’s input/output and control systems allow customers to monitor, control, and acquire data from all of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic assets that are key to their business operations.

Opto 22's products and services support automation end users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel. Founded in 1974 and with over 75 million Opto 22-connected devices deployed worldwide, the company has an established reputation for quality and reliability.

Opto 22 products are sold through a worldwide network of distributors, partners, and system integrators. For more information, contact Opto 22 headquarters at 800-321-OPTO or visit our Web site at www.opto22.com.
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