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Ormec Introduces Free Motion Systems Solution CD-ROM

April 012005
Ormec Introduces Free Motion Systems Solution CD-ROM
A free “Motion System Solutions” CD-ROM from ORMEC Systems offers engineers a valuable design resource for motion and logic control, factory networking, IEC 61131-3 programming and advanced motion software.

This multimedia CD-ROM presentation offers a series of interactive movies which overview ServoWire motion control technologies. Users can view technical and product presentations covering the ServoWire Motion and Logic Control and ServoWire Soft Motion product offerings and solutions for factory automation.

The CD-ROM also provides an archive of PDF documents, technical articles, a full electronic product databook on ORMEC’s products and other technical documentation. Website resources provide access to application notes and product literature.

Motion & Logic Control Resources
The CD-ROM provides detailed technical information on the ServoWire Motion and Logic Controller (SMLC) and ServoWire Soft Motion technologies.

The SMLC provides an integrated total system solution for motion and logic control using IEC 61131-3 software. A combination of a Pentium-based controller, CoDeSys IEC 61131-3 programming tools, standard network interfaces and powerful FireWire-based motion and I/O control networking provide motion and I/O solutions for up to 16 axes.

ServoWire SM (“Soft Motion”) offers a new approach to PC-based motion control that reduces the cost and complexity of motion control solutions. For OEMs programming in Visual Basic, C/C++ or any program that can act as a ActiveX container, ServoWire SM can control up to sixteen servos directly from a standard PC using IEEE-1394 networking.

For more information on the free “Motion Systems Solution” CD-ROM, please contact ORMEC, 19 Linden Park, Rochester, NY 14625. Telephone: 1(800) 656-7632. FAX: 1 (585) 385-5999. Or visit ORMEC on the web at http://www.ormec.com.

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