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Oxford Sensor Technology Introduces New Company to Service & Support European Robotic Vision Market

July 012004
New Sensor company to provide better, faster support and service to the growing European robotic vision market

OST-SmartLine, based in The Netherlands, will undertake sales, installation and after sales service of Oxford Sensor Technology’s range of vision sensors, for welding applications, throughout Europe.

The Formation of OST-SmartLine will provide a single contact point for those requiring expert advise in welding, robotic systems, automated seam location and tracking. In addition to supplying sensor systems, OST-SmartLine will undertake robot programming and advise customers on best practice.

OST-SmartLine will have in-house expertise to offer customised software to suit specific applications and will provide customised sensor mounting kits to suit the wide range of welding torches.

Customer support will be available in English, French, German & Dutch

Oxford Sensor Technology is internationally recognised as the innovative leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent, non-contact vision sensors and measurement systems, for robot guidance and process automation. Welding related products include:

CSS Weld Sensor - A 3D Vision sensor for the automated location and tracking of seams whilst welding.

WireFinder – A unit, which accurately locates the position in which the welding wire leaves the torch. This allows fast, precise correction for torch distortion and contact tip wear

OST-SmartLine is a trade name of InMotion BV.

InMotion specialises in the design and supply of automated welding systems and has a vast experience of welding processes and robot systems. This experience will complement Oxford Sensor Technology’s knowledge of sensing systems

Gert Eilander, one of the founders of OST-SmartLine said:

"With the OST sensors, the difference between the electronic design and the actual product can be corrected. This means that, for example, off-line programming of robots can be more effective. But, also, other products can be welded onto robots, like products with high measurement tolerances and products that distort during welding. With OST-SmartLine we deliver the hardware, software and communication tools to make robot welding easier. The customer who uses those tools will have much more possibilities with his robot. The OST-SmartLine products will contribute to the robot welding of more difficult products and in smaller batches."

InMotion BV is also a reseller/integrator for: Fanuc robotics, Kemppi, Lincoln Electric. Binzel and Teka.


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