Pacific Northwest National Laboratory installs Clarity Display Wall |

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory installs Clarity Display Wall

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory installs Clarity Display Wall
Wilsonville, Ore. - February 27, 2006 - Clarity Visual Systems today announced that its Puma rear-projection Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Displays (AP/LCD™) have been selected by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to provide a large-scale visualization capability in its Integrated Energy Operations Center (IEOC) at Richland, Wash.

PNNL is installing 14 of the 50-inch Puma displays in a seven-wide-by-two-high wall configuration utilizing a Jupiter Systems display wall processor. When operational, in the spring of 2006, the Puma wall will provide a total image area of nearly 185 square feet. This will give PNNL and other users of the new research facility the ability to visualize large amounts of information for a variety of projects. The IEOC will research technologies to optimize grid control, test advanced security concepts, analyze the impacts of climate on grid operations and provide training.

"The Clarity displays integrate with the IEOC equipment to enable the use of advanced technologies such as visual analytics and visual informatics that many utilities haven't had ready access to until now," said Ross Guttromson, IEOC program manager. "As a result, they can see how visualization will enable them to better control their own grids, and how it will facilitate the management of other technologies that increase efficiency and the ability to anticipate and respond proactively to a variety of complex grid conditions."

PNNL chose the Clarity Puma display, in part, because of its proven industrial-grade design and its ability to be configured into large seamless walls. "This is important because the research being conducted in the IEOC leverages many different images which stem from many data sources, ranging from large SCADA systems, to dynamic network map inputs, to computer server signals and external broadcast feeds," Guttromson added. "Smaller visualization technologies just can't give us the big picture and the many advantages it provides," he said.

Puma also offers the necessary UXGA resolution (1,600 x 1,200) and the appropriate 4:3 aspect ratio. This combination matches the resolution of the IEOC's software and enables it to use the entire screen with no distortion.

About Clarity Visual Systems
Clarity Visual Systems provides large-scale display solutions, including hardware, software and services for business, government and other institutions worldwide. The company sells through value added reseller partners who serve customers' communication, monitoring and digital signage needs. Privately held, Clarity is headquartered in Wilsonville, Ore. with divisions in Burlingame, Calif. and Saint-Sernin, France.
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