PAS and UCDS cooperate to provide ACM-compliant graphics products |

PAS and UCDS cooperate to provide ACM-compliant graphics products

Houston, TX – November 17, 2006 – PAS and User Centered Design Services (UCDS) are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership for the delivery of Operator Graphics products and services to the process industries.

Under the terms of the partnership, the two companies will work together to provide best-in-class ACM-compliant Operator Graphics Style Guide and Object Library products to customers world-wide. The partnership will also jointly develop & deliver a range of services including how-to workshops, graphics philosophy development services, gap analysis services, custom graphics development and graphic deployment services.

Customers will benefit from the alignment of UCDS’ world-renowned ACM consulting and graphics design capabilities with PAS’ extensive graphics development & delivery capabilities, to yield an unmatched graphics design and delivery capabilities to customers around the globe.

Ian Nimmo, Founder and President of UCDS with over 30 years of experience in the processing industry, unparalleled leadership in the area of ACM and over 100 published papers, said ”Our partnership with PAS helps us better meet customer demand for both design and delivery services. PAS has a long tradition of delivering top-quality graphics to customers, and customers can now look forward to an even stronger ACM-compliant offering resulting from this partnership.”

Eddie Habibi, Founder and CEO of PAS, added: ”PAS is delighted to partner with UCDS to bring a much needed system-independent design and delivery service to customers. The benefits of our past and future investments in ACM-compliant graphic designs will help customers more efficiently deploy operator interfaces that help them avoid incidents and increase overall plant reliability.”

About User Centered Design Services, Inc. (UCDS)
User Centered Design Services Inc. is a U.S. based Organization serving world wide clients. The collective background of this organization's founders brings over 50 years of experience in the Refining and Petrochemicals industries. Its first-hand plant experience enables us to design an overall work environment that optimizes operator and organizational performance. The company's extensive expertise, coupled with key industry affiliations, provides the framework for successfully meeting our clients' business objectives. Since its inception, User Centered Design Services, Inc. has demonstrated its diversity by actively engaging clients in all regions of the world.

About PAS
PAS is a leading supplier of People & Asset Solutions to the process industries worldwide and has been delivering value to customers around the world since 1993. Key applications include Knowledge Management, Alarm Management, Linear and Non-Linear Multivariable Control & Optimization, Control Loop Performance Monitoring and Real-time Performance Metrics Management. PAS’ Microsoft .NET-based PlantState Suite platform provides the foundation for consistent implementation of applications across any control and information platform.

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