PAS announces program to streamline control system configuration & testing |

PAS announces program to streamline control system configuration & testing

New program makes PAS Integrity™ software available on demand to drive down documentation & testing costs for Engineering Company participants

Houston, TX – June 28, 2006 – PAS today announced on-demand availability of its Integrity software to Engineering Companies via its “Engineered with Integrity” program. The Integrity software automates control system documentation and detection of common configuration errors for distributed control systems, PLCs and instrument databases. Use of the Integrity software reduces engineering labor costs by 20-30% on a typical control configuration project, while increasing quality.

The Integrity software is a dynamic solution especially suited for handling many of the challenges faced by Engineering Companies in control system configuration projects across all phases of the project lifecycle, including:

Project Planning & Costing
1. Automatic capture of configuration data from legacy systems to document scope
2. Detection of control system spare capacity to avoid unnecessary migrations
Engineering & Testing
1. On-demand documentation of control system drawings and documentation
2. Progress reporting and change management of control system projects
3. Intelligent integrity checking for detection of common configuration errors
4. Inter-system connectivity validation with end-to-end Loop Sheet diagram generation
On-Site commissioning
1. Automatic as-built and project close-out documentation
2. Pre-startup safety review
3. Web-based reporting for remote access and ongoing customer support
4. By-author change tracking to manage hands-on customer involvement

“The Integrity software provides significant improvement to the documentation and testing capabilities for control system projects, reducing software configuration and acceptance testing labor costs by 20-25% and shaving weeks from documentation schedules,” according to Harry McKinley, Systems Consultant at ENGlobal. “There is no other tool available today that can integrate information across control systems and their subsystems to yield such savings, while helping improve overall job quality to the customer.”

The Integrity software enables engineers to better manage all of their automation assets by auto-extracting complete configuration data from both hardware and software assets into a central database. A rich web-based environment provides a consistent view of the configuration details for software & systems of a variety of vendors, including all of the following and more:
• Bently's Rebis instrumentation database
• Emerson's Delta V, RS3 control system and AMS instrumentation
• GE's Fanuc programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
• Honeywell control systems & PLCs
• Invensys Fox IA and Triconex PLCs
• Intergraph InTools instrumentation database
• Rockwell PLCs
• Yamatake DEO
• Yokogawa Centum CS and CS3000

About PAS
PAS, founded in 1993, is a world wide leader in People & Asset Solutions to the process industries. Key applications include Knowledge Management, Alarm Management, Linear and Non-Linear Multivariable Control & Optimization, Control Loop Performance Monitoring and Real-time Performance Metrics Management. Our PlantState Suite platform provides the foundation for consistent implementation of applications across any control and information platform. The robustness and the easy-to-use design are hallmarks of PlantState Suite applications and allow customers to maximize profits while minimizing life cycle costs.

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