Pepperl+Fuchs obtains IEC certification for VisuNet HMI

Pepperl+Fuchs obtains IEC certification for VisuNet HMI
January 5, 2009 - Pepperl+Fuchs announces that its VisuNet Ethernet-supported HMI system solution is now available with IEC approval. As a result, all VisuNet components can be used in environments that correspond to Zone 1 (gas) and Zone 21 (dust) as specified in the IEC standard (touch screens: Zone 22, dust). VisuNet was previously certified for the relevant categories according to the ATEX standard.

The VisuNet system has also received NEPSI certification for use in China, as well as EOST R and GOSGORTEHNAZOR certification for use in Russia. With the recently acquired IEC certification, Pepperl+Fuchs can now satisfy the requirements of customers who wish to install visualization systems for multinational projects within countries that have different approval requirements. The VisuNet visualization platform can be used both as a remote solution and a panel PC.

The VisuNet RM Remote Monitor solution consists of an LCD monitor with a network interface. The distance between the monitor, keyboard and mouse in the hazardous area, and the host PC in the safe area, can be as far as 90 meters. Fiber optic cables can be used to increase the data transmission distance to two kilometers. Data transmission from the host PC to the display and the keyboard, mouse or other peripherals such as barcode readers or RFID readers to the PC is fully digital.

The "Remote Desktop Protocol" (RDP) is used as a protocol for transferring data to and from the monitor. This protocol is an integral component of the Microsoft operating systems, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server.

The VisuNet PC is a panel PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse. The core components are supplemented with a comprehensive range of accessories including keyboards with an integral mouse function, different stainless steel enclosures and assembly components, for adapting the solution to special applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas process industries.

Additionally, P+F’s Bebco EPS purge & pressurization systems provide rugged protection for any type of instrumentation. This comprehensive range of explosion protection systems and interface equipment is complemented by technologies such as EXTEC visualization & operation systems, as well as on-line corrosion monitoring transmitters and level sensing instruments.