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PIAB Honors 'Vacuum Pioneers' at Chicago Conference

September 162005
PIAB Honors 'Vacuum Pioneers' at Chicago Conference
Hingham, MA, — PIAB Vacuum Products, an innovator of industrial vacuum technology, honored seven original distributor leaders with “Vacuum Pioneer” awards on Thursday, September 8th, 2005 at a reception held at the Chicago Field Museum. Each recipient was presented with an engraved silver compass, symbolizing each man’s courage in forging un-chartered territory when tasked with selling the first PIAB vacuum pumps 25 years ago.

The Pioneer Awards ceremony corresponded with a special distributor conference held to launch PIAB’s latest innovation--COAX® technology. The conference, themed “The Next Generation of Vacuum Technology,” took place at a pivotal time, as the company prepares to aggressively shift its focus from traditional multi-stage vacuum pumps to new, patented COAX® technology-based pumps, which perform up to 40% higher than alternative options.

“We thank you for leading the way, almost a quarter of a century ago, when PIAB’s first pumps dramatically changed the way vacuum was used in manufacturing,” said PIAB CEO Don Spradlin. “Tonight we recognize you in front of our new PIAB vacuum pioneers, who represent the next generation in vacuum technology--COAX.”

“You cannot imagine how good it feels to be standing here 25 years later with all of you,” said Angus Buchanan, a PIAB Vacuum Pioneer Award recipient whose unflagging support contributed to the company’s widespread expansion over the last two decades.

Award recipients present at the ceremony included Dick Bardos, Jim Murphy, Angus Buchanan, Dick Montague, Bob Fioresi, Mitch Bollus, and Chuck Voelker.

About PIAB
PIAB Vacuum Products is a leader in developing industrial vacuum technology for use in automated material handling and factory automation processes. PIAB provides innovative solutions designed to help improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes around the world. For more information about PIAB’s complete line of products, contact, PIAB USA, Inc., 65 Sharp Street, Hingham, MA 02043, or call 1-800-321-7422; visit www.piab.com.
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