PLCopen adding IEC 61131-3 to OPC UA |

PLCopen adding IEC 61131-3 to OPC UA

The OPC Foundation is currently developing new specifications called Unified Architecture (OPC UA). Sector or application specific information models are part of these specifications. Such information models are under development for Electronic Device Description (EDD) or Field Device Tool (FDT). It is important that the PLC as the main component of automation systems remains / becomes visible in the vertical information integration which will be strongly influenced by OPC UA. OPC UA servers which represent their underlying manufacturer specific PLCs in a similar IEC 61131-3 based manner will provide a substantial advantage for client applications as e.g. visualizations or MES systems. PLC vendors may reduce costs for the development of these OPC UA servers if an IEC 61131-3 based information model is already available in OPC UA.

The goal of TC4 is to define an IEC 61131-3 based information model as additional part of the overall OPC UA specification. The necessary information model already exists in the standard IEC 61131-3 (software model), but must be (re-) specified according to the guidelines and the technical requirements of OPC UA, without changing its contents. A close co-operation with the OPC Foundation will be established, resulting e.g. in a joint working group and shared documents.

The kick-off meeting is set for October 14 in Frankfurt, Germany, where the concrete working group objectives and the working plan (milestones) will be decided.

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