PMA USA opens office in Harrisburg, PA |

PMA USA opens office in Harrisburg, PA

March 11, 2010 - PMA USA, a subsidiary of PMA AG in Switzerland, opened a USA operation in Harrisburg, PA. PMA has been designing, manufacturing and distributing cable protection products of the highest quality since 1975. Our high-quality Swiss products have rapidly earned us an excellent reputation worldwide and established us as the market leader. Our range of 6500 products gives customers the protection they need in Railway, Wind Energy, Solar, Automation and Mechanical Engineering applications worldwide.

The characteristics of the specially modified polyamide materials are tailored to manufacture conduits meeting the requirements of many different specific applications. PMA USA offers robust, heavy grade conduits with high mechanical strength for static applications and at the other end of the scale light to medium grade conduits with high flexibility and immunity to fatigue for use in systems where the cables are continually in motion, such as in Robotics.

Heading up the USA operation are Robert A. Aulenbach as Managing Director and George M. Sims as Sales & Marketing Manger. Robert says, "With the logistics of shipping ports and proximity to our potential customer base it just made sense to locate our US facility in Harrisburg. Plus with the industry talent in the area it will give us a good pool of future employees as our business really begins to grow".
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